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A Steeple Chase!

The Steeple Family in Oldham, from 1790 to 1851
This little story is a mixture of hard fact and some personal observations, which won't be too difficult to spot!

The contemporary accounts and records, from diaries, local news and directories all serve to give us snapshots of what life was like, in the late 18th and early 19th century across the country, including both Oldham and Derbyshire.

The pictures are from Victorian publications illustrating contemporary events both in England and abroad. the are intended just to help illustrate the wider context of the story.

There are approximately 16 sides of A4 typescipt plus the scanned images taken from Victorian publications.

For convenience I have broken it down into 'parts'. click on the era to visit that page.

My 3X great-grandmother was called Amelia Steeple and she was a younger daughter of John Steeple who brought the Steeple name and family to Oldham, from Derbyshire, in the early 1790s.
It's a story of the growing family set against the backdrop of Oldham of the time and current happenings between 1790 and 1851

Part 1

Background and introduction
approx. 1790 to 1810

Part 2

approx 1810 to 1830

Part 3

approx 1830 to 1838

Part 4

approx 1840 to 1851