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The Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union


Oldham Photographic Society

The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

The Royal Photographic Society

The Photographic Society of America

John and Chris Widdall

Gary Waidson

Barry Beckham
website for those interested in 'How to .......' help in digital photography and Pictures to Exe AV sequences
his own AV Sequences for download

Pictures to Exe
software to create audio visual sequences

software to edit and record music and narrative tracks for audio visual sequences (freely downloadable but donations welcome)

open-source software for copying tracks from a cd (freely downloadable but donations welcome)

website for The Film and Video Institute

Archive of over 500 AV sequences constructed using Pictures to Exe.

Slideshow Club
Replacing the Beechbrook site for uploading AVs
A collaboration between Pictures to Exe and Beechbrook.

software to create Panoramas (freely downloadable but donations welcome)

the on-line magazine for photographers

Lens Buying Guide
Understanding features and choosing the right type