Photographs from the Album of Ben Clayton, 1898 - 1904

Ben & Polly Clayton 1898

top: Whalley Road, Whalley Range
bottom: Bodnant Hall

top: Llandrillo Church
bottom: duplicate

left: Eirias Dingle, Colwyn Bay
right: dupllicate

top: Lake, Bodnant Hall
bottom: Waterfall, Bodnant Hall

top: The Dingle
bottom: Nant-y-Glyn Valley

top: First Group Nov. 1898
bottom: duplicate

top: Mr. Robinson & his Milk Cart
bottom: Station Rd., Urmston

left: Mrs Clayton (bromide)
right: Mrs. Clayton (silver)

top: Family Group
bottom: F. Cooper Clegg

top: Mr. Bracegirdle's Cottage,
Capesthorne April 1899
bottom: Capesthorne Hall

top: Group at Capesthorne Hall
bottom: Bridge at Capesthorne

top: Cartmel Priory Church
bottom: Lily House,
Hough Bottom Farm, Royton

top: Reeds Mere, Capesthorne
bottom: Group at Capesthorne

top: Cartmel Market Place
bottom: Arnside

top: Near Arnside
bottom: Arnside Beach

top: Grange
bottom: Ornamental Gardens,

bottom: Flamborough Head

top: The Spa, near Royton
bottom: The Spa

top: Thorp Farm, Royton
bottom: Three Generations
at Royton 1899

top: Flamborough Head
bottom: Bridlington Bay

top: Flamborough Head
bottom: Bridlington, South Shore

top: Lymm Church
bottom: Danes Dyke,
Nr. Flamborough Head

top: Shanklin Beach 1900
bottom: Shanklin

top: Picnic at Lymm
bottom: at Lymm

top: Picnic at Southport
bottom: Churchtown Gardens,

top: Godshill, Isle of Wight
bottom: Shanklin

top: Shanklin
bottom Shanklin with view of Dunnose

top: Whippingham Church, IofW
bottom: Shanklin, Old Church

top: Godshill church
bottom: Bonchurch Church

top: Eastcote, IofW
bottom: Shanklin...
Sandown in distance

top: Old Shanklin
bottom: Choir Group
at Chapel en le Frith

top: Godshill Church
bottom: Choir at Tea
Chapel en le Frith

top: Mr Kershaw & class
bottom: Elephant showing white flag

top wedding group 1901
bottom: wedding group

top: Choir at Coombs
bottom: Coombs Farm

top: Menai Bridge, Anglesey
bottom: Tubular Bridge, Anglesey

top: Menai Straits
bottom: Bridges from the Monument

top: Monument and farm
bottom: Church Island

top: Llanf....goch Post Office 1901
bottoms: Suthport 1902

top: Bazaar at Radnor Street
bottom: Living waxworks
at bazaar

top: waxworks, at bazaar
bottom: Group at West Point

top: West Point
bottom: Stall at West Point

top: Choir at Knutsford
bottom : picnic at Knutsford

top: Scotland
bottom: Park, Scotland

top: Gardener's Cottage
bottom: Scotland

top: Wedding Group
bottom: Wedding Group

top: Wedding Group
bottom: Mrs. Harris Martin
& infant 1903

top: Sheed & Fleming families
bottom: Fleming children


top: Choir at Monsall Dale
bottom: Millersdale


top: J.H. Willott Wedding Group
bottom: Wedding Party

top: Moonsall dale
bottom: Radnor St.,
Wesleyan School

top: 133, Duke Street
bottom: Hullard Park, Old Trafford

top: Westinghouse Works
bottom: Wheel at Westinghouse 1903

top: Class at Radnor St.
bottom: Whitby

top: Alderley
bottom: Alderley

top: at Abbey House, Whitby
bottom: Wesleyan chapel,
Hough, Nr. Alderley

top: East Cliff, Whitby
bottom: Cliffs, Whitby 1904

top: Whitby
bottom: West Cliff, Whitby

top: Saltwick Nab, Whitby
bottom: Sands at Whitby

top: Near Alderley Edge
bottom: Artist's Lane, Alderley

Old lady, aged 84






Digitally Edited photographs from Ben Clayton's Album circa 1900


Cartmel Market Place

Flamborough Head


Whitby Sands