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Frank Trickett

Frank Trickett

13-05-1900 to 08-04-1972

Frank Trickett was considered fit for the Army when he enlisted on 11th September 1915 at Greenfield, Oldham. He was assigned to the 3/7 Duke of Wellington Regiment as Private No. 3301.

At his medical he was described as Height 5'5" Chest expanded 31 ½ "with an expansion range 2". His vision was good and physical development Fair. He received his first inoculation on 21st Sept and second on 4th October 1915. Perhaps it was his height that helped him with his deception because he was only fifteen years of age.

Discharge Paper

It was not long before his father found out and contacted the relevant War department and managed to get him discharged after 101 days because of having made a misstatement as to his age.

Discharge Paper

As the war progressed more and more men were needed and Frank was called upon 19th March, 1918. This time he was Private No 86762 of the Manchester Regiment. His discharge occurred on 5th May 1919 but this was not the end of Frank's army career.

Frank re-enlisted on 5th May 1919 with the Cameronians Scottish Rifles. He served as Private 3234936 until his discharge 3years and 92 days later.

It was known in the family that he travelled through India and Afghanistan serving with the Cameronians.

The notice at the side shows that Frank was given permission to be absent from his quarters from 1st August 1921 to 13th September 1921 to proceed to Stevens Home, Mussoorie, which could possibly have been a military hospital or sanatorium, but for what reason we do not know.

leave of absence

On discharge from the Cameronians he was enlisted onto Section D of the Army Reserve with the
General Infantry Pool at Manchester on 15th November 1922 and discharged on 14th November 1926.
Like many soldiers who served in World War One Frank did not talk to his family about his war

Frank Trickett - platoon

Frank Trickett with one of his Platoons

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Text & Pictures Contributed by : Muriel Barlow

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