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'What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
- Only the monstrous anger of the guns.'
from 'Anthem for Doomed Youth' by Wilfred Owen


Example from the Military Service Local and Appeal Tribunals in Middlesex, from the National Archives

Thomas Arthur Brown Applied for 'absolute exemption' from military service 1916

Thomas Arthur Brown


20th March 1916

Name: Thomas Arthur Brown.
Address: 73, Adelaide Road, West Ealing, London W.
Occupation: Gentlemen's Outfitting; Head Assistant.
Not attested

Grounds on which appeal made:
1. While I appreciate the courteous hearing which the Ealing Tribunal accorded my claim I regret that their decision was to offer me to serve as a Non-combatant. It is my sincere conviction that to serve in this capacity would essentially be asisting others in destroying human life which is equally against my conscientious Christian and moral belief as my personal participation in same.

2. I strongly re-affirm all the reasons I stated on my form to the Ealing Tribunal as grounds why I should receive an Absolute Exemption and still earnestly feel that nothing but that will meet my firm conscientious convictions.

3. In further support of the claim, I can produce material evidence of the fidelity of my objection to taking part in any form of military service. Firstly by personal witnesses . Secondly, by written statement by persons who have known me a number of years. Although these were available, the Ealing Tribunal did not hear them.

Signed : T.A. Brown (signature)

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