Oldham Historical Research Group

'What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
- Only the monstrous anger of the guns.'
from 'Anthem for Doomed Youth' by Wilfred Owen

1914 - 1918

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AFFLECK, F. 19259 Royal Field Artillery,
died: 24-07-1919
Son of Mr. F. and Mrs. Annie Affleck, of 5, Wind Mill Lane, Edinburgh.

ALLEN, J.H.W. 13803, Royal Irish Fusiliers
Died 26-02-1920
Husband of Mary Hannah Allen, of 2, Cornwall St., Freehold, Werneth, Oldham.
ANDERSON, J.W. 16200,East Lancashire Regt.
died 23-10-1916
Son of John and Betty Anderson; husband of Elizabeth Alice Clarke (formerly Anderson), of 40, York St., Oldham.
BEVERLEY, John William 376330, Manchester Regt.
Died: 20-05-1918
BOTTOMS, Robert, 37419, Royal Army Medical Corps.
died: 01-07-1918
Son of Robert and Maria Bottoms; husband of Eliza A. Bottoms, of 43, Wellington St., Chadderton. Born in Heywood.
BOWERS, Daniel, 242792 Lancashire Fusiliers.
died: 23-11-1919
Son of Daniel and Charlotte Bowers, of 223, Field's New Rd., Chadderton.
BRIERLEY, H. 27206, The Loyal North Lancashire Regt.
died: 28-11-1917
BROXUP, John William, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
died : 24-04-1917
BURGESS, George, L/34551 Royal field Artillery
died: 06-11-1918
BURNETT, Harold M/299867, Royal Army Service Corps.
died: 04-02-1919
Son of Francis and Sarah Burnett, of 121, Gainsborough Avenue, Oldham.
BUTTERWORTH, A. 480352, Royal Engineers
Died: 14-02-1920
BUTTERWORTH, Arthur, 24/1609 New Zealand Machine Gun Battalion
died: 17-05-1918
Son of James and Alice Butterworth, of Oldham, England
CANNON, George Ledger 26304, Royal Scots
died: 28-09-1917
Son of George L. Cannon; husband of Christiana J. Blackburn (formerly Cannon), of 4, Bowden St., Glodwick, Oldham.
CHALLICE, Archibald 18343, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry.
died: 12-06-1918
Son of Mr. G. and Mrs. R. E. Challice, of 2, Quay St., Lostwithiel, Cornwall.
CHAMPKIN, Laurence William 305925, Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regt.)
died: 14-02-1919
Son of the late John and Elizabeth Champkin, of Dunstable, Beds.; husband of Edith Lilian Boardman (formerly Champkin), of 61, Greengate St., Oldham. Enlisted Dec., 1914.
CLARKE,George 4008, Royal field Artillery
Son of Thomas and Sarah Clarke; husband of Lavinia Clarke, of 47, Quebec St., Oldham. Born at Derby.
CLUTTERHAM, Alfred Arthur 75591, Manchester Regt.
died: 02-11-1918
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clutterham, of Great Finborough, Stowmarket, Suffolk; husband of Mrs. Clutterham, of 14, Park View Terrace, Oldham.
DANIELS, B. 6626, Army Cyclist Corps
died: 17-03-1917
DAVENPORT, Harold 33219, Manchester Regt.
died: 22-10-1918
DAVENPORT, Orlando 15291, Manchester Regt.
died: 27-04-1917
DAVIES, W. 85056 Manchester Regt.
died: 02-04-1920
Son of Thomas and Alice Davies, of 2, Ruskin St., Oldham
DAVIS, H.M. 33577 Manchester Regt.
died: 11-09-1916
Son of John and Hannah Davis, of 852, Middleton Rd., Oldham.
DAWSON, Frank 59890, King's royal Rifle Corps.
died: 15-09-1919
EASTHOPE, William 52006 Royal Defence Corps.
died: 03-03-1917
FARNWORTH, William 139557, Machine Gun corps. Infantry
died: 08-06-1918
FEATHER, Frame, 83838 Royal Defence Corps.
died: 13-02-1920
Son of James William and Isabella Feather; husband of Edyth Minnie Feather, of 7, Ely St., Werneth, Oldham. Born in Werneth, Oldham.
FIELDING, Herbert 51, Manchester Regt.
died: 10-04-1915
Son of Joseph and Emma Field, of Oldham; husband of Mary Louisa Fielding, of 164, Waterloo St., Oldham.
FOULDS, Harry 38832, Highland Light Infrantry
died: 15-11-1918
Son of Thomas and Anne Foulds, of 13, Barton St., Chadderton Rd., Oldham; husband of Margaret I. Thornburrow (formerly Foulds), of 11, Low Biggins, Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland
FOUNTAIN, W. T/358539, Royal Army Service Corps.
died: 03-11-1919
Husband of Annie Fountain, of 41, Smethurst St., Oldham
GARTSIDE, James 76880, Royal Defence Corps.
died: 09-07-1918
HAGUE, John 58058, The King's Regt., (Liverpool)
died: 28-07-1921
Husband of Ada Hague, of 81, Radcliffe St., Oldham
HALL, Harold 18227, Royal Scots
died: 26-05-1915
HALLIWELL, George 13598, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)
died: 28-06-1918
HAMMOND, George Lewis 78118, Manchester Regt.
died: 05-03-1919
Husband of Ethel Hammond, of 95, Middleton Rd., Oldham.
HARDY, Herbert 4372, Manchester Regt.
died: 09-03-1916
Son of Mrs. Mary Ellen Hardy, of 26, Portland St., Oldham
HARRINGTON, Robert 3/792 Welsh Regt.
died 11-08-1918
age 36
Son of James and Elizabeth Harrington; husband of Mary Elizabeth Harrington, of 53, Henshaw St., Oldham. Born in Oldham
HOLMES, George 41432, Royal Army Medical corps.
died 07-08-1916
age 25
Son of Mrs. Margaret Holmes; husband of Elizabeth Ann Matthews (formerly Holmes), of 48, Gloucester St., Oldham. Born in Oldham.
HOLMES, William 1845019, Royal Engineers
died: 13-09-1920
age 26
Son of Mitchell and Sarah Ann Holmes.
HOPE, George Albert 20/1036 Durham Light Infantry
died: 12-11-1916
age 17
Son of George Albert and Hannah Hope, of IS, George st. East, Sunderland, Co. Durham
HORTON, William 203366, south Lancashire Regt.
died: 21-08-1917
HURST, Thomas 1628, Manchester Regt.
died: 04-05-1916
age 19
Son of Mrs. Betty Hurst, of 33, Webster St., Oldham.
KERR, James Anderson 1981, Manchester Regt.
died: 17-11-1915
age 31
Son of James Kerr; husband of Mary Ellen Kerr, of 56, Brompton St., Oldham. Born in Oldham.
KERSHAW, Tom 41822, Manchester Regt.
died: 24-06-1917
age 23
Son of Thomas and Esther Kershaw, of Oldham; husband of Lily Irish (formerly Kershaw), of 36, Bentley St., Chadderton.
LEICESTER, A. 33214, Manchester Regt.
died: 26-06-1916
LOCKWOOD, Tom R4/062832 Army Service Corps
died 18-10-1916
age 57
LORD, A. 27143, The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire)
died: 06-01-1921
McGARRY, J.H. 78211, Manchester Regt.
died: 24-01-1919
age 34
Son of Mrs. Sarah Ann McIntyre.
MASKELL. Walter Charles 14208, Lancashire Fusiliers.
died: 27-05-1915
age 15
Son of Joseph and Ellen Maskell, of 7, Bedford Building, Brighton, Sussex.
MILLS, S.F. 16292, Coldstream Guards.
died: 31-10-1918
age 21
MITCHELL, A.W. 919435, Canadian Infantry
died 14-01-1917
NEEDHAM, W. 41528, York and Lancaster Regt.
died 13-03-1919
NEWTON, Frank 7556, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regt.)
died: 29-01-1919
age 32
Son of George Harry and Mary Jane Newton, of Oldham; husband of Margaret Isabella Newton, of 5, Grafton St., Douglas, Isle of Man.
NICHOLLS, P. 3533, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regt.)
died: 25-04-1918
age 42
Son of Mrs. Annie Affleck, of 5, Lime St., Chadderton
PETTINGALE, H.W. 115162, Royal Garrison Artillery
died: 26-07-1919
PLATT, Maurice Cedric Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
died: 26-11-1918
RICHMOND, Frederick 52711, The King's (Liverpool Regt.)
died: 19-10-1918
age 25
Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Richmond, of 4, Cowhill View, Werneth, Oldham
RILEY, J.W. 376190, Manchester Regt.
died: 11-04-1919
age 32
Son of W. H. and M. A. Riley, of Oldham
ROWLEY, Richard 28604, North Staffordshire Regt.
died: 09-08-1919
SCHOFIELD, T. 56429, Cheshire Regt.
died: 05-01-1917
age 30
Husband of Mary Elizabeth Schofield, of 64, Wellington St., Chadderton.
SHARROCKS, Thomas 3509, Manchester Regt.
died: 19-01-1915
age 47
Son of William and Ellen Sharrocks, of Chadderton. Served 21 years.
SIMPSON, H.T. 266402, South Lancashire Regt.
died: 29-07-1917
age 29
SKELLORN, John William R/36149, King's Royal Rifle Corps.
died: 21-04-1918
age 36
Son of William and Julia Ann Skellorn; husband of Amelia Skellorn, of 34, Abson St., Chadderton. Born in Oldham.
SMITH, George 5318, Lancashire Fusiliers
died: 20-11-1918
age 21
Son of Mrs. Eliza Smith, of 7, Top O' th' Meadows, Waterhead, Oldham
STANSFIELD, J. 29063, The King's (Liverpool Regt.)
died: 06-12-1916
SUTCLIFFE, William 2399, Manchester Regt.
died: 09-01-1916
SUTTON, J.W. WR/267277 Royal Engineers
died: 18-02-1919
TAYLOR, Alfred 6135, Lancashire Fusiliers.
died: 17-07-1916
TAYLOR, Fred 47205, The King's (Liverpool Regt.)
died: 18-08-1916
age 19
Son of Samuel and Isabel Taylor, of 207, Horsedge St. Oldham
TEMPLE, C. 332935, The King's (Liverpool Regt.)
died: 01-03-1919
age 35
Son of William and Elizabeth Temple; husband of Martha Ann Temple, of 16, Queen's Rd., St. John's Wood, London Born in Oldham.
TINDALL, G. 2539, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.
died: 09-08-1917
WHEELER, J.H. 6552, Rifle Brigade
died: 02-03-1919
WHITTAKER, Fred 47514, Manchester Regt.
died: 17-02-1919
age 22
WILDE, W.E. 16187, East Lancashire Regt.
died: 25-03-1919
age 36
Son of Mrs. Mary Jane Wilde, of 270, Featherstall Rd., Oldham.
WILLIAMS, John 37940, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regt.)
died: 05-11-1918
Son of John D. and Clara Williams, of 111, Crompton St., Oldham.
BARLOW, E F 64159, manchester Regt.
died: 01-08-1920
Son of Mrs. Eliza Ann Barlow, of 19, Lois St., Shaw.
BUTTERWORTH, W H 123250, Royal Army Medical Corps.
died: 20-11-1917
age 30
Husband of Beatrice Butterworth, of 85, Milnrow Rd., Shaw.
CHADWICK, William 24951, Mach8ne Gun Corps (Infantry)
died: 28/08/1917
age 20
Son of John Thomas Chadwick, of 167, Castleton Rd., Royton.
CLEGG, James Thomas, Royal Field Artillery,
died 18/10/1918
DYSON, William Booth 67200, Royal Defence Corps
died: 24/11/1918
Son of Henry and Annis Dyson, of 81, Victoria St., Shaw.
EVANS, Richard 29968, Manchester Regiment
died: 11/11/1915
age 26
Son of Mrs. Harriet Evans, of 200, Salts St., Shaw.
FEDDEN, J 35441 Royal Army Medical Corps
died: 14/12/1920
age 28
Son of Samuel Fedden.
GARTSIDE, J W 45671 Lancashire Fusiliers
died: 26/10/1918
age 33
Son of Simeon and Mary Gartside; husband of Betsy A. Gartside, of 121, Grains Rd., Shaw. Born in Shaw.
GREEN, James 57027 Royal Field Artillery
died: 05/07/1918
age 27
Son of James and Catherine Green, of 9, Holly St., Shaw.
HENTHORN, F 27645 King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
died: 13/01/1917
Husband of L. T. Henthorn, of Dog Hill Pleasure Grounds, Shaw.
JOHNSON, W D 485076 London Regiment (The Rangers)
died: 27/08/1917
PORTER, R H 41268 Royal Field Artillery
died: 01/03/1916
RILEY, J S R SE/35154 Army Veterinary Corps
died: 19/11/1918
age 30
Husband of May Louisa Riley, of 89, Watkin St., Lowerplace, Rochdale
SHAW, Fred 49836 South Lancashire Regiment
died: 17/11/1918
age 29
Husband of Ethel Shaw, of 138, Rochdale Rd., Shaw.
SMITHIES, J 40608 Royal Army Medical Corps
died: 11/12/1919
STOTT, J 27248 The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
died: 22/01/1919
TAYLOR, Albert 66835 Royal Field Artillery
died: 13/08/1918
age 26
Husband of Emily Taylor, of 167, Buckstones Rd., Shaw
THORNLEY, W 341373 Royal Engineers
died: 26/03/1918
age 32
Son of William and Miriam Eliza Thornley; husband of Elizabeth Thornley, of 2, Goats, Shaw.
WARD, G 28039 Manchester Regiment
died: 19/10/1919
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ward, of 80, High St., Shaw.
(In the same grave is also buried: Pte. H. WARD, 61164, Manchester Regt., 28th Nov., 1922. Age 24.) Born in Crompton.
WARD, R 70196 Royal Garrison Artillery
died: 24/08/1918
age 27
Son of Mrs. Margaret Ward, of 186, George St., Shaw.
BOWERS, Harry M/32532 (CH) Royal Navy, H.M.S. "Pembroke."
died: 19/10/1918
age 22
Son of Agnes Bowers, of 28, Poplar St., Failsworth, and the late Samuel Bowers.
CAPEWELL, A 276184 Manchester Regiment
died: 25/11/1918
age 21
Son of Edward and Mary Capewell, of 367, Oldham Rd., Longsight, Royton.
CLAY, Charles 42126 Royal Army Medical Corps
died: 22/12/1917
COLLIER, T M/408341 Army Service Corps
died: 12/07/1918
age 36
Husband of Jessie Collier, of 640, Oldham Rd., Failsworth. Born in Failsworth.
DENNIS, S 8590 North Staffordshire Regiment
died: 28/07/1918
GARDNER, W TRG/10425 Bedfordshire Regiment
died: 10/08/1918
age 20
Son of Charles and Sarah Gardner, of 28, Dean St., Failsworth.
GRANT, William 82544 Royal Field Artillery
died: 06/12/1920
age 24
Son of William and Mary Grant, of 7, Forster St., Chapel St., Ancoats, Manchester.
HALLIWELL, H H 24518 Manchester Regiment
died: 07/01/1918
age 20
Son of Joseph Bennett and of Mary Halliwell, of 1 1005, Warren St., Saginaw, Michigan, U.S.A. Born in Failsworth.
HIPWELL, F 215741 Royal Garrison Artillery
died: 12/04/1921
age 36
Son of James and Mary Ann Hipwell, of 18, Ashfield St. Hollinwood, Oldham; husband of Maria Hipwell, of 4, Clegg St., Failsworth.
LEIGH, H 54400 Cheshire Regiment
died: 12/12/1918
age 18
Son of Mr. J. A. and Mrs. E. H. Leigh, of 81, Rochdale Rd., Shaw, Oldham.
LINNEY, Frederick 102728 Royal Garrison Artillery
died: 08/08/1920
age 38
Son of Samuel Linney; husband of Lily Linney (nee Burkhill), of The Hollies, Clayton Bridge, Manchester.
LORD, W 243019 Royal Engineers
died: 03/11/1918
McCULLOUGH, G H 1893 Royal Engineers
died: 05/06/1915
OXLEY, J 16179 East Lancashire Regiment
died: 09/07/1916
age 33
Son of Mrs. Oxley, of 22, Bridge St., Newton Heath, Birmingham.
PERRIN, Alfred Edwin T/386897 Royal Army Service Corps
died: 06/03/1920
age 39
Husband of Violet Perrin, of 23, Hardman Lane, Failsworth.
PERRIN, G PLY/18812 Royal Marine Light Infantry
died: 26/07/1917
age 18
Son of John and Pauline Perrin, of 10, Wellington St., Newton Heath, Manchester.
PRICE, A B 2267 Royal Flying Corps; School of Aeronautics (Reading),
died: 25/01/1917
age 26
Son of George Price, of 40, Mather St., Failsworth. Born at Wolverhampton.
SIMM, Moses 16701 North Staffordshire Regiment
died: 05/11/1915
age 41
Son of Amos and Lydia Simm, of Kidsgrove, Staffs; husband of Edith Roberts (formerly Simm), of 21, Co-operation St., Failsworth.

SUMMERSCALES, Wilkin 14065 Manchester Regiment
died: 29/10/1918
age 20
Son of Richard and Mary Summerscales.

TIFFANY, H 252384 Manchester Regiment
died: 03/12/1919
age 21
Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Tiffany, of 34, Peel St., Newton Heath, Manchester.
TRAFFORD, F WR/25027 Royal Engineers
died: 15/02/1919
age 34
Husband of Sarah Elizabeth Trafford, of 736, Oldham Rd., Failsworth.
WATERS, Alfred 126745 Royal Air Force; School of Technical Training
died: 17/07/1918
age 47
Son of Robert and Matilda Waters; husband of Sarah Jane Waters, of 7, Dugdale St., Failsworth. Born in Sheffield. Served in the South African Campaign.
WILD, Ernest 29112 Manchester Regiment
died: 18/02/1917
age 28
Son of George and Hannah Wild, of 658, Oldham Rd., Failsworth; husband of Martha Wild, of 17, Pew Nook, Hollinwood, Oldham.
BAILEY, Ernest 124711, Royal Army Medical Corps
died: 29/10/1918
age 25
Son of Charles and Emma Bailey, of 15, Saxon St., Oldham.
BARKER, Herbert 4799, Lancashire Fusiliers
died: 13/09/1915
BARLOW, Arthur 32646, East Lancashire Regiment
died: 17/09/1918
BATES, Henry 2367, Duke of Wellington's (West RidingĀ 
died: 17/05/1918
BERRY, Albert Edward 4034 Lancashire Fusiliers
(transf. to (Serjt. 365823) Labour Corps)
died: 22/08/1921
age 34
Husband of Alice Ann Berry, of I, Marine St., Oldham.
BRIERLEY, Thomas 30117, Manchester Regiment
died: 01/04/1916
age 24
Son of the late John James and Elizabeth Brierley; husband of Annie Power (formerly Brierley), of 35, Middleton Rd., Oldham.
BROADBENT, Harry Whitehead 245628, Royal Field Artillery
died: 28/02/1919
age 30
Son of Mr. J. A. and Mrs. S. A. Broadbent, of 261, Abbey Hills Rd., Oldham.
BROWN, J T 136034, Royal Air Force
died: 28/04/1919
Husband of Elizabeth Brown, of 35, Fountain St., Henshaw St., Oldham.
BUCKLEY, N 200289, Royal Garrison Artillery
died: 29/10/1918
age 19
Son of Joseph and Ada Buckley, of 287, Lees Road, Oldham.
BURKE, Richard 5742, Royal Field Artillery
died: 05/05/1919
age 25
Son of Mrs. Mary Burke, of 4, Chadwick's Place, Rope St., Oldham.
BURTONWOOD, Nathans 244671, Royal Field Artillery
died: 27/10/1918
age 25
Son of Francis and Alice Burtonwood; husband of Annie Burtonwood, of 21, Shrewsbury St., Oldham. Born in Waterhead.
CANNEY, Patrick 5316, Lancashire Fusiliers
died: 20/06/1918
age 38
CAPSTICK, W 48909, East Surrey Regiment
died: 28/10/1918
CARPENTER, William Handel 128882, Royal Army Medical Corps
died: 18/11/1918
age 28
Son of Levi and Mary Carpenter. Born at Wimblebury, Staffs.
CARTER, W 25129, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)
died: 30/03/1918
CASEY, Frederick T2/SR/02185, Army Service Corps
died: 21/01/1916
age 39
Note on CWGC:
Recent research has shown that Driver Casey is buried here. The Commission is in the process of producing a headstone to mark the grave.
CLANCY, James 70320, Northamptonshire Regiment
died: 11/10/1919
age 22
Son of Mr and Mrs. James Clancy, of 24, Flower St., Higginshaw, Oldham; husband of the late Annie Clancy.
CLEGG, Arthur MerseyZ/1169, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
R.N. Depot (Crystal Palace
died: 28/05/1916
age 25
Son of James William and Annie Clegg, of 46, Kersley St., Oldham. Born in Royton.
CLOVER, Wilfred 23234, Cheshire Regiment
died: 10/03/1916
age 25
Husband of Miriam Clover, of 48, Hanson St., Oldham.
COOKE, James Willie 36349, South Lancashire Regiment
died: 13/02/1919
CORCORAN, Arthur 180342, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)
died: 16/11/1918
age 31
Husband of Catherine Corcoran, of 190, Rochdale Rd., Oldham.
DAWSON, James 29574, Manchester Regiment
died: 06/11/1918
age 23
Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Dawson, of 15, Newland St., Oldham.
ELSON, Daniel 17707, South Lancashire Regiment
died: 03/06/1918
age 31
Son of Samuel and Annie Elson, of Royton; husband of Mary Elson, of 4/2 Court, Ripponden Rd., Oldham.
FRANCIS, Samuel 993, Manchester Regiment
died: 19/11/1915
age 23
Son of the late Mrs. Eliza Emily Mobbs.
GANNON, John 5040, Lancashire Fusiliers
died: 29/11/1916
age 38
Husband of Elizabeth Gannon, of 8, Binns St., Oldham.
GARTSIDE, William 19918, Royal Defence Corps
died: 18/08/1918
age 47
Husband of Elizabeth Gartside, of 2, Horsidge Fold, Oldham. Born in Oldham.
HACKMAN, James 61705, Cheshire Regiment
died: 30/03/1919
age 45
Son of James and Amelia Hackman; husband of Mary Hackman, of 162, Block Lane, Chadderton, Oldham.
HARRISON, Herbert 20405, Royal Flying Corps
age 21
Son of Ann Harrison, of 31, Kelverlow St., Oldham, and the late Arthur Harrison.
HARRISON, James 17137, Royal Defence Corps
died: 22/12/1917
HELLIWELL, Eli 3943, Manchester Regiment
died: 03/04/1916
age 29
Son of Hannah Grimshaw (formerly Helliwell), of 23, Norbury St., Glodwick, Oldham, and the late Edward Helliwell.
HELSBY, David 117058, Royal Army Medical Corps
died: 12/03/1919
HEYES, F 2118, Manchester Regiment
died: 14/03/1916
HEYWOOD, William 59569, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)
died: 05/01/1917
age 20
Son of Mark Heywood, of 13, Bismarck St. Oldham, and the late Betsy Heywood.
HILTON, J 375418, Manchester Regiment
died: 26/10/1918
HOWARD, John 927433, Mercantile Marine Reserve, H.M.S. "Eaglet."
died: 20/11/1918
HUTTY, W J 406552, Canadian Infantry
died: 27/12/1915
JACKSON, Edward 223862, Royal Garrison Artillery
died: 30/09/1919
age 50
Husband of Clara Jackson of 34, Sussex St., West St., Oldham.
JAGGER, William 67236, Royal Defence Corps
died: 03/12/1918
age 31
Son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Jagger; husband of Ethel Taylor (formerly Jagger), of Chapel Lane, Wilmslow, Manchester.
JOHNSON, A 199522, Royal Garrison Artillery
died: 13/07/1918
age 36
Husband of Elizabeth Johnson, of Back Lane, Chadderton, Oldham.
JOHNSON, William 332812, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
died: 17/10/1917
age 19
Son of Benjamin and Sarah Ellen Johnson, of 185, London Rd., Oldham.
KENWAY, John James 50604, Manchester Regiment
died: 01/10/1917
age 19
Son of Thomas and Catherine Kenway, of 4, Williamson's Yard, Oldham.
KERSHAW, J 37355, The Loyal North Lancashire Regimen
died: 14/08/1918
KING, Thomas 375212, Manchester Regiment
died: 26/04/1918
age 28
Son of Mrs. Bridget King, of 22, Newtown St., Oldham.
LEACH, James 4100, Manchester Regiment
died: 13/02/1916
age 35
Son of James and Alice Leach; husband of Martha Ann Cone (formerly Leach), of 24, Daniel St., Derker St., Oldham. Born in Oldham.
LISTER, Ishmael William 202579, South Lancashire Regiment
died: 05/03/1920
age 31
Son of George and Elizabeth Lister, of 7, Temple Row, Waterhead, Oldham.
LOWRY, Thomas 171194, Royal Field Artillery
died: 29/03/1921
age 29
Son of Thomas and Maria Lowry.
LOWRY, William 6598, Manchester Regiment, transf. to (248567) Labour Corps
died: 06/05/1921
age 37
Son of Thomas and Maria Lowry. Born in Oldham.
MATTHEWS, W 56229, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)
died: 22/01/1919
age 23
Son of Mrs. Ada Matthews, of 43, Horsedge St., Oldham.
MELLOR, H C 53975, Devonshire Regiment
died: 05/03/1919
age 29
Husband of Ethel Mellor, of 25, Essex St., Oldham.
MERRIDEW, Albert Edward R/365768, Royal Army Service Corps
died: 29/11/1918
age 26
Son of Albert and Hannah Merridew, of 28, Jones St., Oldham.
MILLS, Harold James 54039, Devonshire Regiment
transf. to (137169) Western Command Labour Centre. Labour Corps
died: 13/07/1919
age 30
Husband of Lizzie Madeley (formerly. Mills), of 37, Mustard St., Glodwick, Oldham.
MITCHELL, Walter 377180, Manchester Regiment
died: 05/10/1917
age 30
Son of William and Mary Ann Mitchell. Born in Oldham.
MORLEY, J J 114735, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
died: 04/05/1919
McCOY, Thomas 53187, Labour Corps
died: 15/04/1919
age 42
Son of James and Sarah A. McCoy; husband of Mary Ann McCoy, of 4, Small St., Oldham.
McHUGH, J 14912, Lancashire Fusiliers
died: 26/04/1915
NAYLOR, H 291806, Monmouthshire Regiment
died: 11/11/1918
age 29
Son of Henry Naylor; husband of Amy Naylor, of 42, Airey St., Oldham.
NEWITT, Fred 4715, Manchester Regiment
died: 03/03/1916
age 23
Son of Sarah Jane Newitt, and the late C. W. Newitt. Born in Oldham.
NICHOL, Frank J/64597, Royal Navy, H.M.S. "Vivid."
died: 25/04/1918
OATES, William Henry 39560, Lancashire Fusiliers
died: 03/06/1917
age 19
Son of Mrs. Margaret Oates, of 33, Fountain St., Oldham.
PERCIVAL, Joseph 52698, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
died: 11/07/1919
age 26
Son of William Henry and Maria Percival, of Oldham.
PORTER, H 41513, Manchester Regiment
died: 10/04/1917
age 22
Son of James and Frances Porter, of 60, Wellington Rd., Coppice, Oldham.
RENSHAW, Joshua Army Veterinary Corps
died: 08/01/1917
age 35
Son of Joshua and Elizabeth Renshaw, of 5, Chaucer St., Oldham.
RENSHAW, William 35836, Manchester Regiment
died: 12/05/1917
age 20
Son of Joshua and Elizabeth Renshaw, of 5, Chaucer St., Oldham.
ROBERTSHAW, Thomas 442555, Royal Engineers
died: 17/07/1919
ROBINSON, J 205713, Wiltshire Regiment
died: 17/02/1919
age 23
Son of Charles and Kate Robinson, of 87, Dunkerley St., Oldham.
ROBINSON, J 14817, Manchester Regiment
died: 02/03/1919
ROSS, Albert 41865, Royal Army Medical Corps
died, 01/01/1917
RUDMAN, Christopher 60993, Royal Defence Corps; 153rd Protection Coy
died: 01/12/1918
SAWYER, Walter SS/104467, Royal Navy
died: 29/10/1918
age 32
Husband of Eliza Wood (formerly Sawyer), of 174, Edge Lane Rd., Oldham.
SHUTTLEWORTH, Walter 882, Drummer, Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)
died: 16/01/1916
age 24
Son of Henry and Harriet Shuttleworth.
STENSON, Joseph L/11471, Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
died: 23/11/1917
age 35
Son of Joseph and Sarah Ann Stenson, of 6, Tenter Bank, Stafford; husband of Mrs. Mary Stenson, of 12, Kyrls St., Cork.
TAYLOR, Albert 242603, East Lancashire Regiment
died: 02/10/1918
age 31
Son of Edward and Louie Taylor; husband of Alice Taylor, of 88, Acre Lane, Oldham. Born in Oldham
TIGHE, Thomas 50438, Manchester Regiment
died: 22/11/1917
age 38
Son of Michael and Jane Tighe; husband of Margaret Ann Tighe, of 8, West St., Lees, Oldham.
TUPMAN, Harry 86253, Royal Defence Corps; 162nd Protection Coy.
died: 02/12/1918
age 41
Son of William and Mary Tupman; husband of Elizabeth H. Tupman, of 10, Nelson St., Lees, Oldham. Born in Oldham.
WATSON, S 366538, Labour Corps; Clearing Office
died: 15/06/1921
WILD, William 48931, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
died: 28/11/1918
age 20
Son of Henry and Elizabeth Wild, of 7, Coronation St., Oldham.
WILKINS, James 14240, Manchester Regiment
Family page
died: 07/05/1917
age 32
Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Wilkins, of 21, Esther St., Greenacres Rd., Oldham.
WINTERBOTTOM, W 55657, Cheshire Regiment
died: 29/06/1917
Son of Mr. J. S. Winterbottom of 56, Nield St., Oldham.
WOLFENDEN, T 3/46931, Manchester Regiment
died: 12/11/1917
age 19
Son of James Wolfenden, of 18, Moorhey St., Oldham; and the late E. Ann Wolfenden.
WRIGHT, Fred 5892, Royal Field Artillery
died: 23/04/1918
age 25
Son of William and Mary Ann Wright.
YATES, Peter 376444, Manchester Regiment
died: 16/03/1919
age 26
Husband of Mary Yates, of 85, Beener St., Oldham.
BARLOW, GEORGE 2595, Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)
died: 23/08/1916
age 21
Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Barlow, of 3 House, 2 Court, Bardsley St., Waterhead, Oldham.
BOOTH, J A 19123, Lancashire Fusiliers
died: 09/08/1919
BROWN, J 57466, Royal Garrison Artillery
died: 0/02/1919
age 21
Son of Christopher and Sarah Brown.
BROWN, W 290764, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
died: 03/07/1918
age 22
Son of Christopher and Sarah Brown.
BUCKLEY, HARRY 3/32996, Manchester Regiment
died: 03/07/1917
age 22
Son of Charles Buckley, of 52, Hereford St., Werneth, Oldham.
BURROWS, R 452, Manchester Regiment
died: 11/12/1915
CHESTER, W 27458, Manchester Regiment
died: 31/08/1916
CLARE, W 16634, East Lancashire Regiment
died: 09/03/1915
COCKCROFT, A 17685, South Lancashire Regiment
died: 22/07/1916
age 44
COCKER, FRED 48215, Manchester Regiment
died: 01/11/1918
age 24
Son of John and Eliza Cocker, of 87, Thompson Lane, Chadderton; husband of Ida Nicholson (formerly Cocker), of 186, Long Lane, Hollinwood, Oldham
COLE, S 64329, Manchester Regiment
died: 28/02/1919
COOK, G 376246, Manchester Regiment
died: 17/04/1917
age 28
Son of Charles Mathew Cook, of Hollinwood, Oldham.
CORDWELL, E TR/4/78360. Welsh Regiment
died: 09/10/1918
CORFIELD, JOHN HENRY 34625, Manchester Regiment
died: 06/04/1916
age 19
Son of Edward and Elizabeth Corfield, of 73, Hawksley St., Hollinwood, Oldham.
CROOK, A M/26257, Royal Naval Auxiliary Sick Berth Reserve
died: 21/10/1918
CROOK, T 27197, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
died: 14/02/1917
DICKSON, FRED 90183, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
died: 09/06/1918
age 19
Son of Mrs. M. R. Dickson, of III, Limeside Rd., Hollinwood, Oldham.
EASTWOOD, JAMES 34411, South Lancashire Regiment
died: 20/05/1921
age 24
Husband of Annie Eastwood, of 76, Brunlees St., Hollinwood, Oldham.
FAIRCHILD, J 29279, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
died: 08/08/1919
age 20
FALLOWS, H G/63933, Royal Fusiliers
died: 27/11/1918
HACKING, A TR5/174605, Training Reserve
died: 05/05/1918
HACKING, J 4554, East Lancashire Regiment
died: 10/05/1920
HADFIELD, William 192594, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
died: 20/10/1918
age 29
Son of Robert and Mary Hadfield. Born in Oldham.
HALL, George 2021 Royal Horse Artillery
died: 02/06/1917
age 37
Son of the late John and Mary Jane Hall; husband of Sarah Ann Hall, of I, Parsons St., Werneth, Oldham. Served in the South African Campaign. Born in Knaresborough, Yorks.
HAMER, W 10438, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
died: 30/03/1921
age 42
Husband of Mary Hamer, of 4, Industrial St., Hollinwood, Oldham.
HEYWOOD, Harry 376831, Manchester Regiment
died: 10/11/1918
age 26
Son of Matthew and Mary Ellen Heywood, of 117, Cambridge St., Werneth, Oldham.
HUGHES, T E 2034, Manchester Regiment
died: 14/01/1916
HURST, William 62430, Worcestershire Regiment
died: 13/11/1918
age 41
Husband of Elizabeth Hurst, of 12, Mellor St., Butler Green, Washbrook, Chadderton, Oldham.
MORRIS, John 15310, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
died: 16/11/1916
age 21
Son of Mr. T. E. Morris, of 28, Stott St., Failsworth, Manchester.
NAYLOR, Samuel Herbert T/695, Army Ordnance Corps
died: 12/10/1916
age 28
Son of William and Sarah Ann Naylor, of 29, Norfolk St., Werneth, Oldham.
NEWLAND, Ernest James 140388, Hertfordshire Yeomanry
died: 15/01/1918
age 30
Husband of Mary Alice Newland, of 16, Brunlees St., Hollinwood, Oldham.
POWELL, H 14884, Manchester Regiment
died: 30/01/1919
age 36
Husband of Sarah Helena Powell, of 21, Stafford St., Werneth, Oldham.
RUMNEY, R 16807, East Lancashire Regiment
died: 17/02/1919
age 41
Husband of Ellen Rumney, of 56, Edward St., Werneth, Oldham.
SCOTT, A 14213, Manchester Regiment
died: 29/05/1917
SIMPSON, James 33201, Manchester Regiment
died: 23/11/1918
age 28
Son of James and Ellen Simpson, of 2, William St., Hollinwood, Oldham.
SMITH, L 174389, Canadian Machine Gun Corps
died: 03/02/1917
Husband of Mrs. Smith of 44, Estate St., Oldham.
SMITH, T 20978, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
died: 19/09/1919
SOWDEN, R 49588, Lancashire Fusiliers
died: 22/02/1919
age 42
Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Sowden
STOTT, T 34643, Manchester Regiment
died: 02/06/1916
TOWNSEND, David 32051, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
died: 18/09/1915
age 38
Son of John and Eliza Townsend; husband of Harriet A. Townsend, of 19, Camden St., Hollinwood, Oldham. Born in Hollinwood.
TURNER, A E 2874, Manchester Regiment
died: 21/12/1915
age 31
Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Turner; husband of Lilian Mitchell (formerly Turner), of 71, Heron St., Hollinwood, Oldham. Born in Oldham,.
WILLIAMS, J C 85238, Royal Army Medical Corps
died: 14/02/1919
age 21
Son of Richard Williams of Moss Farm, Butterworth, Hollinwood, Oldham.
WRIGLEY, F 75471, Manchester Regiment
died: 09/06/1919
YEARN, J W 14228, Manchester Regiment
died: 06/02/1919
BODEN, William 74875, Royal Field Artillery
died: 01/03/1919
age 28
Son of Mrs. Hannah Boden, of 252, Roundthorn Rd., Oldham.
BRIERLEY, J C 27038, Royal Defence Corps
died: 08/04/1917
age 56
BROCKBANK, D 047877, Royal Army Ordnance Corps
died: 03/01/1919
COOP, J 109966, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
died: 25/08/1918
DIGGLE, W 107961, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)
died: 12/02/1918
Son of Robert Diggle, of 36, Co-operative St., Springhead, Oldham.
HEGINBOTTOM, H 14195, Manchester Regiment
died: 18/09/1916
KIMPTON, Timothy James 14996, Manchester Regiment
died: 20/02/1918
age 41
Husband of the late Mary Ann Kimpton.
NICHOLLS, Joseph James 2157, Manchester Regiment
died: 23/05/1921
age 43
Husband of Laura Lilly Nicholls, of 134, Oldham Rd., Springhead, Oldham.
POINTON, Harold T/457280, Royal Army Service Corps
died: 15/12/1919
age 22
Son of Thomas and Hannah Pointon, of 14, South Hill St., Oldham.
ASHWORTH, Thomas 377137, Manchester Regiment
died: 08/11/1919
age 33
Son of John and Emily Ashworth; husband of Emma Ashworth, of 4, Sheepfoot Lane, Oldham.
BUCKLEY, R P/15942 Military Police Corps
died: 17/10/1918
age 32
Husband of Thirza Nadin (formerly Buckley), of 4, Stone Cottages, Royton.
COOPER, G R 114715, Royal Garrison Artillery
died: 16/03/1919
DYSON, J 60238, Royal Garrison Artillery
died: 17/05/1917
age 24
Son of Joseph Richard Morley Dyson and Eliza Dyson.
GILL, William 20561, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
died: 13/07/1916
age 21
Son of Joseph and Eliza Gill, of 202, Castleton Rd., Royton.
GRESTY, A E 54289, Cheshire Regiment
died: 22/12/1916
HOLT, Herbert 52628, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
died: 27/05/1917
age 21
Son of the late Fred and Charlotte Holt, of Royton.
HOWARTH, G 11735, Lancashire Fusiliers
died: 28/11/1915
age 26
Son of Mrs. M. Howarth, of 20, The Pass, Ramsay St., Rochdale.
LLOYD, William 295728 Royal Navy
died: 29/12/1917
age 39
Husband of Mary Agnes Lloyd, of 3, Hoghton Place, Hoghton St., Southport. Born in Royton.
MANNION, R 16178, East Lancashire Regiment
died: 25/08/1916
Husband of M. Dockerty (formerly Mannion), of 5, Brook St, Royton.
MANNION, W 27005, Coldstream Guards
died: 27/05/1918
age 34
Husband of Ann Mannion, of 2, Union St., Royton.
MERCER, Harold L/17274, Royal Field Artillery
died: 22/07/1916
age 24
Son of Arthur and Eliza Mercer, of Royton.
McDERMOTT, J 60914, South Lancashire Regiment
died: 21/04/1918
NEWPORT, Leonard 18323, King's Shropshire Light Infantry
died: 07/08/1918
age 23
Son of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Newport, of 8, Old Edge Lane, Longsight, Oldham. Born in Royton.
NOONE, J 54748, Welsh Regiment
died: 09/11/1918
POWELL, Henry T4/092451, Army Service Corps
died: 04/12/1917
age 51
Husband of Emma Powell, of 204, Middleton Rd., Royton.
SAXON, H 10515, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
died: 10/05/1916
age 25
Son of John and Sarah Saxon, of 480, Rochdale Rd., Royton.
SHARPLES, John Deal/4004(S), Royal Marines
died: 26/08/1920
age 27
Son of Hartley and Elizabeth Emma Sharples, of 128, Rochdale Rd., Royton.
SMITH, Edmund 116148, Royal Field Artillery
died: 16/07/1920
age 24
Son of John and Eliza Ann Smith, of 68, Heyside, Shaw.
TATTERSALL, C 207203, Royal Engineers
died: 06/10/1919
age 34
Husband of Mrs. E. Tattersall, of 26, Windsor St., Oldham.
TURNER, Harold 20546, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
died: 20/04/1916
age 17
Son of Frank Turner, of 121, Springfield Lane, Royton.
YOUNG, H G 89335 Royal Defence Corps
died: 19/12/1918

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