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'What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
- Only the monstrous anger of the guns.'
from 'Anthem for Doomed Youth' by Wilfred Owen

31st MAY - 1st JUNE 1916

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HMS Black Prince
* Stoker, Edwin Lloyd, of 28 Ashton Road West, Failsworth    CWGC
HMS Lion
* Leading Stoker, William Cunnane[s], of 108 Bamford Street, Chadderton    CWGC
HMS Tiger
* First-Class Stoker, Arthur Birchall, of 1 Princess Street, Oldham    CWGC
HMS Queen Mary
* Stoker, William John White, of Wallhill, Dobcross    CWGC
HMS Indefatigable
* Seaman, Jack Crawford, of 1 Spring Hill, Waterhead    CWGC
He was 18 years of age and enlisted in 1915. Before joining he was a piecer at the Cairo Mill.

* Ordinary Seaman, Fred Read, 199 London Road    CWGC
* Leading Stoker, Joseph Graves, of 10 Wye Street, Oldham   CWGC
* Gunner, James Holt, 15 Fir Street, Failsworth    CWGC
* First Class Boy, Robert Bathorn Parry, 48 Brunswick Street, Oldham    CWGC
He was about 17 years of age, and had joined the navy around the outbreak of war in 1914.
* Ordinary Seaman, Harry Simms Hodgkinson, of Flag Cottage, Hey   
HMS Defence
* First Class Stoker, George Giblin, of 11 Myrtle Street, Oldham    CWGC
* Ordinary Seaman, Henry Kershaw, of 19 Freeman Street
* Stoker, Stephen Edward Ackroyd, of 181 Glodwick Road, Oldham
* Seaman, James Ewart Metcalfe, of 125 Ashton Road East, Failsworth
* Stoker, James Thomas Fitton, of Cowlishaw Lane, Shaw
* Boy 1st Class, Joseph Rothwell, of 21 Garforth Street, Chadderton    CWGC
HMS Invincible
* First-Class Stoker, Nelson Whiteley, of 115 Edward Street, Werneth    CWGC
* First Class Petty Officer, John Joseph Pilley    CWGC
Parents lived at Hillside Avenue, Clarksfield. He was 25 years of age, the eldest son of Mr and Mrs Pilley of Hillside Avenue, Clarksfield a native of Salford and married Miss Tallboys a well-known lady of Hey who is presently at Portsmouth.
He had been in the navy for eight years and during the present war had been in the Falkland Islands battle under Admiral Sturdoe and also in the Heligoland Bight encounter.   
* Private, William Edwin Younger, Royal Marines
HMS Malaya
* Private, Charles Lee, Royal Marines, of 5 Stanley Road, Hollinwood    CWGC
He enlisted in the Royal Marines in 1915. He was 19 years of age an before enlisting was a piecer at Magnet Mill. He was killed by an explosion on 31st May at 5pm, whilst he was supplying the ammunition to his gun. He was buried in Lyness Royal Naval Cemetery, Orkney, in Scotland on 6 June 1916.

Page from: 'The Fighting at Jutland' (abridged edition)
edited by H.W. Fawcett, Royal Navy & G.W.W. Hooper, Royal Navy.
Published 1921
(Book available to read or download freely from the Internet Archive HERE)

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