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1914 - 1918
'What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
- Only the monstrous anger of the guns.'

                                                                                                                                                     from 'Anthem for Doomed Youth' by Wilfred Owen


'Anthem for Doomed Youth'
Twelve Soldier Poets of The
First World War
by Jon Stallworthy
This Pub. Constable, 2005
in association with the IWM,
isbn : 978-1-84529-221-8

'World War 1 Army Ancestry'
4th Ed.by Norman Holding
revised by Iain Swinnerton
This Pub. 2003
Federation of Family History Socs.
isbn: 1 86006 179 6

'The Recollections of three
Manchesters in the Great War'
Ed. by Sue Richardson
2nd Ed. Pub. Neil Richardson, 2006
Isbn: 978 1 85216 165 1

'A Nurse at the Front' The First World War Diaries of Sister Edith Appleton

'A Nurse at the Front'
The First World War Diaries of Sister Edith Appleton

Ed. by Ruth Cowen in Ass. with the Imperial War Museum
Pub 2012 Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.

Read an abbreviated version of the text on a dedicated website HERE

The Oldham Battalion of Comrades

'The Oldham Battalion of Comrades
(24th Battalion Manchester Rgt.)
Book of Honour'

Ed. by Herbert Wilde
Pub. 1920, Sherratt & Hughes
Read it HERE

'Cotton Town Comrades

'Cotton Town Comrades
The Story of the Pldham Pals Battalion 1914-1919'

by K.W.Mitchinson & I. McInnes
Pub 1993, Bayonet.

'Oldham's Battalions 1899-1938'

'Oldham's Battalions 1899-1938'
Includes fully scanned copies of 3 rare and out of print books : 'Amateur Soldiers' by K.W.Mitchinson, The Oldham Battalion of Comrades' Ed. by Herbert Wilde and 'Cotton town Comrades' by K.W.Mitchinson & I. McInnes
Available from MLFHS

'Amateur Soldiers -

'Amateur Soldiers -
A History of Oldham's Volunteers & Territorials, 1859 1938'

by K.W.Mitchinson
Pub. 1999, Jade

Oldham Chronicle - Saturday Edition

Oldham Chronicle - Saturday Edition WW1 : Our Gallant Heroes.
& An index of Service Personnel 1914-1919
Indexes include newspaper date and page.
1. References Service personnel mentioned in the Saturday editions of the Oldham Chronicle, including marriages etc.
2. Scans of the 1914-1916 'Gallant Heroes Supplements' (with name index)
3. Index of recruits
Available from MLFHS

'The Wipers Times'

'The Wipers Times'
The World War1 satirical trench newspaper.
Facsimile pages of the newspaper.
It is also the subject of a BBC dramatisation, now on dvd.

'Fighting on the Home Front The Legacy of Women in World War One'

'Fighting on the Home Front
The Legacy of Women in World War One
by Kate Adie
Pub 2013, Hodder & Stoughton

'The Regeneration Trilogy'
by Pat Barker
Winner of the 'Booker Prize'
Comprises: 'Regeneration,
'The Eye in the Door' &
'The Ghost Road'
This ed. Pub. 1998, Penguin

Punch cartoons

'Punch Cartoons of the Great War'
Pub. 1915
Downloadable freely as .pdf from the 'Internet Archive' HERE

with the guns

'With the Guns'
by F.O.O.
Pub. 1916
"The story of a siege battery involved in the battle of Loos, with chapters on artillery, its employment, evolution, observation, changing positions and communications.
F.O.O. (Forward Observation Officer) is the pseudonym of Capt C.J.C Street OBE, MC, of the Royal Garrison Artillery special reserve".

Downloadable freely as .pdf from the 'Internet Archive' HERE

'The Poems of Wilfred Owen'

'The Poems of Wilfred Owen'
edited, with an introduction,
by Jon Stallworthy
Pub. 1985, Hogarth Press


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The Medal Collector published 1921

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[Crowd of German civilians, including children, surrounding a cannon which has a garland hanging from the muzzle]

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