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'What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
- Only the monstrous anger of the guns.'

from 'Anthem for Doomed Youth' by Wilfred Owen

1914 - 1918

From the National Archives: Unit War Diaries of the British Army 1914 - 1922

"These records are the unit war diaries of the British Army in the First World War. They are not personal diaries (try the Imperial War Museum for those). They are part of a large series of records, WO 95, which contains many more diaries scheduled for digitisation. We are now conserving, sorting, digitising and itemising thousands more diaries from the WO 95 series as part of our First World War 100 programme."
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1st May 1916 - 31st May 1916 ... File WO-95_1663_2

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WO 95_1663_2-90
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WO 95_1663_2-90

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MAY 1916 ... File WO-95_1663_2

WO 95_1663_2-2
1st May - 16th May 1916

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MAY 1st TO MAY 31st 1916


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War Diary of 24th Manchester Regt. for May 1916, Vol VII

Weather - Fine during greater part of day. Occasional showers; cooler breeze S. Thunder and shower (heavy) at 6:30pm.
Work - Working Parties were supplied as follows:-
500 other ranks on light railway MEAULTE to BRAY. 8 & 1/2[half] hours 110th R.E. Ry. Coy.
50 other ranks hut building in BOIS des TAILLES. 8 & 1/2[half] hours 54th Coy. R.E.
50 other ranks pipe laying MORLANCOURT to BRAY. 8 & 1/2[half] hours 232nd Coy. R.E. (A.T.)
Classes - Instruction classes in Lewis Gun and Grenade Work.
Rejoined Battalion - Capt. H. Prendergast rejoined from 30th Infy. Base Depot.

Weather - Dull in morning; bright in afternoon no rain. Breeze fresh S.S.W.
Work - Working parties were employed as above.

Weather - Wind S.W. Rain at intervals with thunder - rather oppressive.
Work - As on the 1st May.
Situation - There was heavy gunfire in the neighbourhood of ALBERT commencing at 10:30pm and lasting for 1/2[half] hour.
Instruction - 3 Sections of 9 men training in Grenade Work. 8 hours.

Ref ALBERT Combined sheet


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Weather - Dull and close in the morning; cooler in the afternoon. Wind fresh, S.W.
Working Parties - As on the 1st inst.

Weather - Dull and much cooler. Wind gusty and changeable in the afternoon. Mostly W.S.W.
Working Parties - As before.

Weather - Wet and cold; wind W. Heavy showers at intervals.
working Parties - As before.

Weather - Heavy showers during day. Wind fresh, W.S.W.
Working Parties - As before. Work was finished at 2pm and handed over to the 21st Bn. Manchester Regt. 91st Brigade.


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WO 95_1663_2-92

Copy No. 10
24th Battalion Manchester Regiment
Order no. 14
8th May 1916
Reference Map. ALBERT, Combined Sheet 1/40,000

1. The Battalion will relieve the 2nd Battalion Royal Warwick Regiment in C.2 Sector tomorrow the 9th inst.
2. 'A' Company Front Line F. 9.2 to F. 9.4
'B' Company Kingston Road
'C' Company 71 North
'D' Company will remain in billets in MORLANCOURT.
The Company in billets will form part of the Brigade Reserve and will receive orders from Brigade Headquarters.
3. Starting point will be at the M.M. Dump.
'A' company will move by platoons at 10 minute interval, the leading platoons will pass the Starting Point at 8:30am.
'B' Company by platoons at 10 minute interval, to pass the Starting Point at 9:10am.
'C' Company by platoons at 10 minute interval, to pass the Starting Point at 9:50am.
Lewis Gun Sections and Grenadiers will go in the trenches with their Companies.
4. 'A' Company will make arrangements to take all Very Pistols, Periscopes etc., into the trenches and hand them over to the relieving Companies.
5. The Company remaining in MORLANCOURT will take over the first 4 huts for men and 2 Armstrong Huts and one Mess Room for Officers.
Parties will be told off from this Company to see that all billets are left clean.
6. The Company in KINGSTON ROAD will be responsible for the upkeep of SANDOWN AVENUE and RAILWAY AVENUE N. & S.
7. Battalion Headquarters will be at 71 SOUTH after 12 noon.

Issued at 4pm
G.B. Dempsey, Lieut. & Adjutant.

Copy No;
1. 22nd Brigade.
2. O.C. 'A' Company
3. O.C. 'B' Company
4. O.C. 'C' Company
5. O.C. 'D' Company
6. O.C. L.G. Section
7. O.C. Grenadiers
8. Quartermaster ... [torn]
9. O.C. 2nd ... [torn]
10. File.


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Weather - Rain in morning. Fine in afternoon. Wind fresh W. Slightly warmer.
Work - Preparations were made during day for going into the trenches F9.2 - F9.4 on the 9th (Ref ALBERT Combined sheet)

C2 SUB SECTOR May 9th 10pm
Weather - Dull. Wind S.W. colder. Rain in the afternoon and night.
Relief - The battalion relieved the 2nd Battalion Royal Warwickshire Rgt. in C2 Sub Sector. Relief was complete by 12 noon.
Attached is operation order and relief table.
Line occupied :-
FRONT LINE F9.2 - F9.4, 1 Company
71 NORTH, 1 Company
71 SOUTH, Battalion HQ

C2 SUB SECTOR May 9th to 10th, 12 noon to 12 noon.
Weather - Wind S.W. fine and bright.
Operations :-
1. A mine was sprung by us in the vicinity of the TAMBOUR (Ref map MEAULTE TRENCH MAP).
2. a patrol of 2 men under L/c Lambert got within 30x of AEROPLANE TRENCH remaining there from 9:30pm to 11:15pm.
They report work proceeding in the left sap.
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2. A patrol of 10 men under Corporal Greenwood covered the front of the forward fire trench. They remained out from 9:30pm to 11:45pm. Report of patrol leader attached.
Intelligence - Aerial torpedoes at various intervals from 12noon to 12:30pm on CEMETERY and left of CEMETERY ST. A rather lively bombardment from 10:25 to 10:40 on the centre of the forward trench and along the left to the CEMETERY. Our fire trench was damaged in several places in F9.3 and F9.4 (bay 2).
Work Done :-
FRONT LINE - 75x wire erected on the right. Parapets in 6 bays of the forward trench lowered. One bay revetted. Work was continued on ramps and saps. Two finished. Left end of new trench deepened, also bottom of 84 & 85 Streets. Then traverse begun in F9.4. Two alternative emplacements (Lewis Gun) made.
KINGSTON ROAD - Fire steps and position being prepared in South end of KINGSTON RD. Also traverses begun. SANDOWN AVENUE widened. Trench boards repaired in RAILWAY AVENUE.


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TRENCHES C2, May 10th to 11th, 12noon to 12noon.
Weather - Wind light, varying from S.W. in morning to light northerly breeze at night. Fine; much warmer.
1. A mine was sprung by us at 12:55 in C1 sub sector. No details yet to hand.
2. A patrol of 2 under L/Corp. Lambert reached a point 20x E of SUNKEN RD. opposite AEROPLANE TRENCH. They remained out from 11:30pm to 1:15am and reported a working pary of about 20 of the enemy in the centre saps of AEROPLANE TRENCH driving in stakes. Our sentries reported the noise of this party between 10:30pm and 11:30pm.
3. A patrol of 10 men under Corporal Greenwood covered the forward trench from 11:15 to 1:30am.
INTELLIGENCE - Situation was quiet until 1:50 when a lively bombardment took place on the front on our left (8th Division). A few enemy shells fell in the CEMETERY. The bombardment gradually died down after 3:15am. a few torpedoes were fired into CEMETERY during the day. An enemy Machine Gun swept our forward trench during the bombardment while our Lewis Guns dispersed an enemy working party in front of SUNKEN RD. trench at 11:15pm. During bombardment the enemy sent up 1 RED and 2 GREEN rockets at 10 minute intervals.
FRONT LINE - More wire erected on our right front. The parapet of 3 bays in forward trench lowered and revetted. Work on Ramps continued. Trench in F9.3 repaired. Ammunition recesses in forward trench made (6 in number). Trenches deepened in 86a and CEMETERY ST.
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C2 TRENCHES May 10th to 11th, 12noon to 12 noon.
[Continued from last page)
KINGSTON RD. - Fire steps and traverses under construction in KINGSTON RD. S. Widening SANDOWN AVENUE and laying trench boards.
71 NORTH - A mined dugout in course of construction. The Company at 71 N. provided the working parties & ration parties for front line.

C2 TRENCHES May 11th to 12th, 12noon to 12 noon.
Weather - Fine and warm. Cloudy towards evening of the 12th. Wind S.W.
INTELLIGENCE - Very quiet 24 hours. Occasional torpedoes on CEMETERY and some canisters during night near right sap to forward trenches. KINGSTON RD. and REDOUBT A received a few shells between 5am and 8:30am. Enemy machine guns active against our aeroplanes by day and against our parapet at night. Suspected enemy T.M. about F9b 28.26 apparently firing from the bushes there. One green light seen on our right front at 1:30am, nothing unusual followed it. Enemy smashed two of our periscopes in F9.2 (bay 2). We broke the enemy periscope about F9b 70.08. Smoke observed rising from H[?]INGLE on CONTALMAISON - FRICOURT road lasting about 30 minutes.
FRONT LINE - Finished deepening 86a St. and clearing CEMETERY ST. Began work on 87a. 2 fire bays revetted in new trench and one near CEMETERY. Improved two traverses in F9.4. Two ramps improved in right sap to new trench.
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[Continued from last page)
SUPPORT LINE- Work on fire bays and traverses in KINGSTON RD. and work on SANDOWN AVENUE (laying trench mats) continued. RAILWAY AVENUE work continued.
71 North - four mined dugouts in course of construction.

C2 SUB SECTOR May 12th to 13th, 12noon to 12noon.
Weather - Fine and bright during day slight N.E. breeze. cloudy and dull in evening. Heavy rain from 1am to 10am then fine rain.
Wind gusty W.N.W. to N.W.
Intelligence - enemy artillery active against C2 about 10pm. H.E. shells fell in and around trench doing some damage to traverse and killing Lt. J. Sutcliffe (gazetted Lt. on 18th March in Gazette of May 10th) and 3 men, wounding two others.
7.7mm shells fell near 71N.
Enemy torpedoes fell in CEMETERY between 2:45pm and 4pm.
During night enemy trench mortars active against F9.2, F94., bay no. 13 badly damaged.
Enemy M.G. active during night from FRICOURT and ORCHARD ALLEY.
An enemy rifle grenade battery situated in the vicinity of F9c 8.8 fired over 100 grenaes behind 84 trench at 1am.
German periscope smashed at F9b 68.07.
Great amount of earth thrown up along SUNKEN RD. TRENCH SOUTH. Water thrown out of FRICOURT SUPPORT TRENCH at F3d 24.06.
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C2 SUB SECTOR [Continued from last page)
FRONT LINE - Revetting and repairing trenches F9.4. Revetted bay in new trench. Trenches cleared.
KINGSTON RD. Laying and repairing trench boards and making traverses and fire bays in KINGSTON RD. SOUTH.
Trench boards laid in SANDOWN AVENUE.

C2 SUB SECTOR, May 13th & 14th, 12noon to 12noon.
Weather - Fine but cold. Wind fresh W.N.W.
Intelligence - Enemy sent over a number of aerial torpedoes and H.E. shells on our right during the afternoon.
At 8pm 13th, rifle grenades and canisters fell in NEW TRENCH damaging parapet in two bays and destroying another bay.
New wire has been put up in front of AEROPLANE TRENCH.
Fresh wheel tracks visible on the FRICOURT - CONTALMAISON RD.
German officer seen at F9b 40.45 he was sniped. Result of shot unknown.
New wicker screen erected at F9b 45.40 where parapet has been damaged by our artillery. A rifle battery has been trained
on the spot.
New German wire at WICKED CORNER.
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Lt. J. Sutcliffe was buried in the Military Cemetery W. of MEAULTE and the grave marked with a cross.


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[Continued from last page)
CEMETERY ST. cleaned and deepened. NEW TRENCH repaired. 86A ST. revetted at the corner.
KINGSTON RD. - Fire bays constructed and traverses put in in KINGSTON RD. S. Trench boards laid and trench improved at SANDOWN AVENUE.
71 NORTH - Work continued on four mined dugouts. The Company at 71 NORTH supplied ration parties.

C2 SUB SECTOR May 14th to 15th, 12noon to 12noon.
Weather - Wind N.N.W. Rain in morning. Cooler 50 - 45 degrees.
INTELLIGENCE - Enemy artillery active against the new trench between 7pm and 8:80pm. Little damage was done. Hostile machine guns swept our parapet during the night. One enemy gun enfilading our communication trench was silenced by our Lewis Gunners within five minutes of the location of its flash.
A hostile working party was heard in the vicinity of the RECTANGLE and was severely handled by our Lewis Guns at point blank range.
New enemy wire at F9b 52.38.
A new communication trench has been dug by the enemy from F9b 40.42 to F9b 60.65.
Our 9.2 Howitzers registered on the BOIS FRANCAIS trench during the morning doing much damage.
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[Continued from last page)
FRONT LINE - 86A street deepened. CEMETERY STREET and 84 st. deepened. Corner of 86a ST. revetted.
The new trench was deepened and repaired.
KINGSTON ROAD - Constructing traverses and fire bays in KINGSTON ROAD S.
Trench boards laid in SANDOWN AVENUE.
RAILWAY AVENUE cleaned and few new trench boards placed.
New tunnelled L.G. emplacement cut up through bank at the bottom of 84 st.

C2 SUB SECTOR, May 15th to 16th, 12noon to 12noon.
Weather - Fine and warm. Very light W.N.W. breeze during day and afternoon 16th.
INTELLIGENCE - Enemy shelled front line near CEMETERY with T.M. and field guns from 3:45 to 4:15pm Otherwise the 24 hours were very quiet. Several of our shells fell in the enemy front line. Our parapet was traversed twice during the night by M.G. from FRICOURT. The enemy M.G. located at Fb 63.24 (Map MEAULTE Trench Maps).
Smoke in large volumes issued from FRICOURT WOOD F4a 34.32 to 72.48.
Our Lewis gun dispersed a wiring party of 5 at F9b 35.05.
New trench F9b 40.42 to 65.63 dug by Germans.
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[Continued from last page)
FRONT LINE - Deepening fire bays in new trench. Repairing damage done by enemy shells.
SUPPORT LINE - SANDOWN AVENUE cleaned and widened, trench boards laid.
KINGSTON ROAD fire bays constructed, traverse put in RAILWAY AVENUE.
Very little constructive work could be done owing to wet state of trenches after the bad weather. Time was occupied in cleaning, deepening and repairing existing trenches.

C2 SUB SECTOR, May16th to 17th, 12noon to 12noon.
Weather - Fine and warm continuous sunshine. Light breeze N. to N.W.
INTELLIGENCE - Artillery were normal until 7:45pm when enemy guns fired until 8:30pm damaging wire in front of KINGSTON RD.
Aerial torpedoes fell in front of old front line trench and on parapet. An enemy machine gun was located firing at our aeroplanes from a house in FRICOURT Rd. at F3d 73.88
FRONT LINE - Revetting and deepening new front line.
SUPPORT LINE - Fire bays revetted. SANDOWN AVENUE and RAILWAY improved.


WO 95_1663_2-2
17th May - 31st May 1916

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C2 SUB SECTOR May 17th to 18th, 12noon to 12noon
Weather - Fine and warm. Wind light N. to N.E.
INTELLIGENCE - Artillery quiet. Enemy tried to locate our Lewis Gun with whizz bangs. Several T.M. shells were put into junction of CEMETERY ST. and SANDOWN AVENUE between 6:30 and 7pm. Machine guns were active all night.
Enemy battery suspected at F4c 03.98 concealed with branches, twigs, leaves etc. with wheels sandbagged.
Two men at work and an officer (with horse) supervising.
Man reported in chimney of house next to gun observing fire. This has been reported to artillery.
PROGRESS OF WORK - communication trenches up to new trench deepened. 8 bays partly revetted. 3 bays finished.
Parapets strengthened. KINGSTON RD. fire bays revetted and trench deepened.
Cleaning and laying trench boards SANDOWN AVENUE.

C2 SUB SECTOR May 18th to 19th, 12noon to 12noon
Weather - Warmer; bright sunshine; wind light E.
INTELLIGENCE - At 1:45am we blew a small camouflet in C1 Sector causing damage to the German lines.
CRAWLEY RIDGE was shelled also the new front line of C2.
The gun reported at F4c 03.98 cannot now be seen.
Working party heard in AEROPLANE TRENCH at 10pm.
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[Continued from last page]
C2 SUB SECTOR, May 18th to 19th, 12noon to 12noon.
PROGRESS OF WORK - RUNDLE AVENUE cleaned and deepened. Traverses in F9.3. Improving fire bays and traverses in advance trench. KINGSTON AVENUE widened.

C2 SUB SECTOR, May 19th to 20th, 12noon to 12noon.
Weather - Fine and warm. Wind E. light.
INTELLIGENCE - Enemy artillery very active during day. At 12 midnight enemy sent several whizz bangs on to 71 SOUTH.
T.M. active against MAPLE REDOUBT.
At 4am enemy sent over more than 500 shells (field gun) towards MEAULTE and blew in part of our front line killing one and wounding one.
M.G. suspected at F3d 84.88. Men seen in trees at F4c 03.97. Train heard in MAMETZ 7:35.
Advanced trench improved. RUNDLE AVENUE cleaned. Parts of F9.3 and 86a trench deepened.
Bridge screens improved at F9.2. Trench mats laid and fastened in bays 28, 29, 30 KINGSTON RD.
Angle revetting in SANDOWN AVENUE.
Bays 5, 39, 36 & part of 38 & 37 revetted in KINGSTON RD., CANTERBURY AVENUE & CEMETERY ST.


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WO 95_1663_2-104

24th Battalion : The Manchester Regiment


A patrol, consisting of Lieut. Crinion, Cpl. Greenwood, L/Cpl. Lambert and 22 men of 'A' Company, with 2 N.C.O.s and 4 men in reserve, went out from the head of the right sap to our new trench, with a view to reconnoitring AEROPLANE TRENCH or bombing any working party found there.

The Battalion wiring pary started to cut gaps in our wire at 8:55pm and finished at 9:15pm. Our artillery searched SUNKEN ROAD with three rounds of shrapnel at 9:20pm, and five minutes later the patrol, headed by L/Cpl. Lambert, moved out.

Lambert reported at 9:40pm that there was a working party in the centre sap of AEROPLANE TRENCH, and further, at 10:10pm that the working party was a large one and extended to the left along SUNKEN ROAD TRENCH. In the meantime a sniper was constantly firing from the centre sap of
AEROPLANE TRENCH across to the CEMETERY, and another from a point near F.9 b 25.75 across to 83 C. street, and flares were sent up from the

The first line of the patrol was now lying in gorse and stubble from 10 to 20 yards on our side of SUNKEN ROAD. Lieut. Crinion went forward to verify Lambert's report and crawled along our first line. It was then discovered that the SUNKEN RD. contained an enemy working party. Lieut. Crinion reported this to me, and that he agreed with Lambert's report. He was of the opinion that it would be fatal to rush AEROPLANE TRENCH. I therefore gave up the idea of reconnaissance and ordered the second line to move up in support of the first, and to prepare for bombing the enemy covering party and the centre sap of AEROPLANE TRENCH. While the second line was moving forward, the enemy covering party moved forward from SUNKEN ROAD : - at one point approaching within six yards of one of our groups - and six more men rushed out of the centre sap to join them. This was about 11:5pm. At 11:9pm our front line, which then consisted of 12 men, threw a volley of twelve bombs as they had been ordered, and Cpl. Greenwood and his party of five men who were covering the right flank opened rapid rifle fire on the enemy, who immediately scattered and fled.

At this point I ordered Artillery and Lewis Gun fire. The Artillery responded at once and made splendid practice on such points as could be observed. The Lewis Guns were also very active. During this fire our patrol retired after having thrown twenty two bombs. Two men suffered slight wounds during the retirement apparently from
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WO 95_1663_2-105

[continued from last page]

enemy shell fire directed at our front line. At 11:22pm., on receiving the report that the patrol had all returned, I ordered the Artillery fire to stop. Lewis Gun fire was kept up a few minutes longer.

(1) It is not certain how many, if any, casualties were caused among the enemy. But it seems pretty certain that he must have suffered some, since the lowest estimate places this working party at 30 to 40 and 22 bombs fell in very close proximity to his covering party and the centre sap, while our Artillery made SUNKEN ROAD TRENCH and nodal points in the support lines very warm.

(2) All the 12 men heard three blasts blown on a whistle during the short bombardment.

(3) The enemy is working hard in the centre sap of AEROPLANE TRENCH. Our men, who have all worked in mining parties, are confident that there was little or no picking - and occasional sound of the pick being heard in AEROPLANE TRENCH - but continuous emptying of sandbags over the parapets from the centre sap of AEROPLANE TRENCH to the left (our) along SUNKEN ROAD TRENCH.

(4) the working party seems to be pretty large - 30 - 40 at least.

(5) AEROPLANE TRENCH is not likely to be entered by a small party, or without previous bombardment.

(signed) J.H. Chadwick, Major
C.C. 'A' Company



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C2, May 20th to 21st, 12noon to 12noon.
Weather - Fine and bright wind E.; very light breeze.
Situation - Quiet day. Very little artillery fire. A few trench mortars were active against C" Sector.
A patrol of 1 officer and 30 other ranks (Lieut. Crinion in charge) crossed to AEROPLANE TRENCH (MEAULTE TRENCH map Sheet F) in the German lines.
Report is attached. There were two casualties among our men - wounded.

BILLET May 21st 11pm
Weather - Fine and warm; wind light easterly.
Relief - the battalion was relieved in C2 Sub Sector by the 2nd Bn. Royal Warwickshire Rgt. Relief was complete by 12noon.
The battalion proceeded to rest billets in MORLANCOURT.
A draft of 20 O.R. arrived.

BILLET May 22nd 10pm
Weather - Bright in the morning. short rain showers in the afternoon. Wind light East.
Relief - The battalion was relieved in the 22nd Brigade by the 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regt. from the 4th Division. This battalion then took over the duties of a Pioneer Battalion to the 7th Division and moved into huts in the BOIS desTAILLES. 3 Companies & HQ. One Company went under canvas in MARETT WOOD. The day was spent in settling down.

Ref ALBERT Map combined sheet.


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WO 95_1663_2-105

Copy No. 11
24th Battalion : The Manchester Regiment
Order No. 13
21st May, 1916

1. The Battalion will move tomorrow to new billets, 'A', 'B', 'D' Companies and Battalion Headquarters to the BOIS de TAILLES, 'C' Company to
Transport and Quartermaster stores will remain at MORLANCOURT for the present.
2. Advance Party consisting of Q.M.Sergts. and Company Storemen parade and march off at 1pm.
Parade tomorrow at 2:45pm on road opposite H.Q. Yard in following order,
'A', 'B', 'D', 'C', the head of 'A' Company to be opposite H.Q. Yard.
3. Baggage to be stacked by Companies in H.Q. yard by 1:30pm.
4. The Grenade Company will be disbanded.
5. Each Company will appoint an Officer to be responsible for the training of Grenadiers and Machine Gunners of their Companies. Name of this Officer to be submitted to Orderly Room by 9am, 22nd.
6. A Headquarter Company will be formed, details and names will be issued to Company Orderly Sergts. These men will be struck off the strength of the Companies.
7. The Company at TREUX WOOD will be changed every week. During their tour there they will not be called on for any work but will be available for training under Company arrangements. Programme for the week's training to be submitted to Orderly Room by 9am the day before they proceed there.
The forming of 'Strong Points' and reversing of captured trenches to be specially studied.
8. A full list of men showing their trades and work they are best suited for is to be rendered to the Orderly Room by 9am, 24th instant.
9. The Mining Party will rejoin their Companies on the 23rd. O.C. 'C' Coy. will arrange to send an Officer to the BOIS DE TAILLES to march this party
back to TREUX WOOD. Time to be notified later.
10 All billets' stores, beds, wash benches, ration boxes, etc., to be handed in to Battalion H.Q. yard by 10am.
Copy No.-
1. 7th Division
2. 22nd Brigade
3. O.C. 'A' Company
4. O.C. 'B' Company
5. O.C. 'C' Company
6. O.C. 'D' Company
7. O.C. 'Grenadier [ ...]
8. O.C. 'D' Company
9. Quartermaster
10. Transport Offi [ ...]
11. File

Isued at 9pm
G.B. Dempsey, Lieut. and Adjutant.


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BOIS des TAILLES, Square K, ALBERT Combined Sheet. May 23rd, 11pm
Weather - Fine and warm. Breeze Easterly. Rain at night.
Work - The three companies in the BOIS des TAILLES and the company at MARRET wood TREUX spent the day in clearing camp and making permanent latrines, refuse pits, ablution sites

BOIS des TAILLES, Square K, ALBERT Combined Sheet. May 24th, 10pm
Weather - Fine until evening when the breeze changed and heavy rain followed. Breeze N.N.W.
A draft of 16 O.R. arrived.
Work -
The three companies at the BOIS des TAILLES took over work under the C.R.E. 7th Division as follows:-
A Company:-
26 Other ranks deepening trench mortar emplacements off WELLINGTON AVENUE (B Sector) - 3 and 1/2 [half] hours, night work.
5 O.R. dug trench 4 and 1/2 [half] yds connecting 69 ST. and SUFFOLK AVENUE, 2 and 1/4 [quarter] hours.
8 O.R. revetted traverses in DALE ST., 4 and 1/4 [quarter] hours (night).
30 O.R. revetted 14 fire bays in LUCKNOW AVENUE. 6 hours.
45 O.R.carried 270 pickets, 3000 yds barbed wire & 500 sandbags. Revetted parapet of strong point, levelled and covered parados.
Worked on three mined dugouts, and communication trench 45 yds., 6 hours.
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[Continued from ast page]
BOIS des TAILLES May 24th
45 O.R. finished dugouts and continued work on two others.
B Company :-
150 Other ranks digging artillery communication trench from Annexe B to 67 support trench B Sector, from 9pm to 2am. 25th
D Company :-
20 Other ranks at work on CEMETERY ST. (C2 Sub sector) making traverses, 5 hours.
50 Other ranks at work on T.M. emplacements off OLD KENT RD. and MAPLE REDOUBT, 6 hours.
50 Other ranks in relief of the above.
30 Other ranks in CEMETERY ST. mining dugouts working in reliefs from 9am to 8pm.

BOIS des TAILLES May 25th, 11pm
Weather - Wet. Wind N.N.W. Fine towards evening.
Work - Work was continued as above. There was one casualty. One man died of wounds (Pte. No. 14272 F. Bowers, B. Coy)


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BOIS des TAILLES May 26th, 11pm
Weather - Brighter. Wind light, North. Slight shower in the evening.
Work - Work was carried on as on the 24th May. Times and numbers working were the same.

BOIS des TAILLES May 27th, 10pm
Weather - Fine and bright. Wind N.E. fresh.
Working Parties:-
A Company :
27 other ranks 9 bays in LUCKNOW AVENUE. ORME TRENCH deepened. 6 hours.
42 other ranks continued work on 4 more dugouts. 6 hours.
44 other ranks revetting and concealing new strong point. 6 hours.
finishing T.M. emplacements, 6 hours.
41 other ranks deepening 67 support trench, 4 and 1/2 [half] hours.
B company :
150 O.R. continued work on Artillery Communication Trench, 5 hours (night work)
D Company:
100 men on T.M. emplacements in CANTERBURY AVENUE and OLD KENT RD (C1 Sub sector)
60 men continued work on CEMETERY ST.


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BOIS des TAILLES May 28th, 11pm
Weather - Warm and bright; light breeze N.E.
Working parties - A, B & D companies continued work as above.

BOIS des TAILLES May 29th, 10pm
Weather - Fine and bright in morning. Light breeze N. to N.N.W. dull in late afternoon and evening. Heavy rain from 8:30pm.
Working Parties - Work was carried on by Companies as on the 27th inst.

BOIS des TAILLES May 30th, 10pm
Weather - Fine and warm. Wind N. to N.E. light breeze.
Enemy sent three H.E. How. shells near BOIS des TAILLES in the evening about 6:30pm.
Working Parties :-
A Coy.- Cutting fire bays in LUCKNOW AVENUE B sector) 1 platoon 6 hours.
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BOIS des TAILLES May 30th, 10pm
[Continued from last page]
ESSEX AVENUE wired, 4-500 yds (1 platoon, 6 hours)
FORT OLDHAM - Wiring 200 yds, 6 yds wide, 10 men. Levelling redoubt, 44 men, 6 hours.
Mining dugouts. 10 men.
B. Coy. :-
Deepening and widening MANCHESTER AVENUE and MINDEN AVENUE, 3 platoons, 6 hours.
D Company :-
Relieved by C Company from TREUX.

BOIS des TAILLES May 31st, 10pm
Weather - Fine and bright. Breeze fresh, N.N.E.
Situation - Enemy dropped 6 shells on RED ROAD and vicinity of BOIS des TAILLES in the evening.
Working parties - As above; further wiring done by A Company in OLDHAM FT., LUCKNOW AVENUE and ESSEX AVENUE.
C Company took over the work of D Company in CEMETERY ST. in 6 hour shifts - making traverses and mining dugouts at the bottom of 84 st (C2 sector)

1/6/16/J.B. Batten Lieut. Colonel, Commanding 24th Manchester Rgt.


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Transcribed by Sheila Goodyear
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