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Sunday 14th August 2016 - The 197th Anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre.

Monday 16th August, 1819 - The Peterloo Massacre in Manchester.
Sunday 14th August 2016 - The 197th Anniversary of the Massacre.

The Peterloo Anniversary Tapestry
with contributors stitching their memorial pieces to the tapestry.
Our contribution to the Tapestry - a laminated photograph of William Rowbottom's Diary entry describing what happened on Peter's Field.

Rowbottom wrote:

1819 August 16th -

"Manchester public meeting praying for universal sufferage and annual parliaments was holden this day. An emence number of people attended from all the neighbouring parts, and several parties had elegant flags with different mottos there on, particularly from Stockport, Ashton, Oldham Royton, Saddleworth, and all the neighbouring towns. The meeting, which consisted of upwards of seventy thousand, was conducted in the most peaceable and orderly manner, but when the celebrated Mr. Hunt had taken the chair, a large number of constables with the Manchester and Salford Yeomanry Cavalary, and the 15th Hussars and 31st Regement of Foot made a tremendous dash at the hustings, took the speakers into custody, took and destroyed all the collors and flags, one from Middleton excepted.

The cavallarry and the constables made sad havoc uppon the poor defencless people. The constables, wi’ there trunchion and the Manchester and Salford Yeomanry Cavalry, with there sabres; a number where killed on the spot, and report says upwards of 300 wounded, and some very dangerously. To the honour of the regular soldiers they shewed the greatest forebearance, and shewed a deal of humanity. The following are amongst the killed:- Mr. Ashworth, of Bull’s Head, Market-place, Manchester; Mr. Parkinson from Eccles; John Ashton, from Cowhill, near Oldham; William Fildes, an infant of Manchester; Joseph Whitworth, from Hide. An emence number where wounded, and a great number severely wounded, and some dangerously.

Mr. Hunt, the chairman, and the different speakers where torn off the hustings, and conveyed to the New Bayley, where part were committed to Lancaster and part-bailed; their charge was misdemeanour."

Read all of his diary HERE

PHOTOS from 2016 - The 197th Anniversary of the Massacre

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