Oldham Historical Research Group

Ancient Houses on Long Millgate
Long Millgate, Manchester
circa 1800
Monday 16th August, 1819
St. Peter's Field, Manchester.

An on-going project towards the 200th Anniversay in 2019


Market Place, Manchester, in 1823
Market Place,
Manchester in 1823
Sunday 16th August 2015 - The 196th Anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre.

Monday 16th August, 1819 - The Peterloo Massacre in Manchester.

27th September, 1884 photograph of Failsworth Veterans of Peterloo, at the 'Great Reform Demonstration'
Photographer : John Birch

Standing: David Hilton (79)
Across the middle: Susannah Whittaker (81), Mary Collins (83), Catherine McMurdo (88), Richard Waters.
Seated front & left: Thomas Schofield (81; father of writer Sim Schofield). Seated front & right: Alice Schofield (79)

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