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It's 1924 and Failsworth erects it's new Pole
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It's 1924 and Failsworth erects it's new Pole
It's 1924 and Failsworth erects it's new Pole
It's 1924 and Failsworth erects it's new Pole
It's 1924 and Failsworth erects it's new Pole

Transcript of a clipping from the Daily Dispatch, August 11th, 1924:

Ancient History Recalled by New Landmark

The erection of the new Failsworth Pole yesterday, in place of the one recently dismantled, which has withstood the ravages of time and weather until it could no longer maintain its proud uprightness, was witnessed by a crowd drawn not only from the district but from as far as Derbyshire.

Among the spectators were several aged residents, who had witnessed the erection of the two previous poles.

Operations were commenced at 4:30 in the morning, and the Pole was placed in position shortly before 11:30am. Some people stayed up all night to watch the operations.

Before it was finally planted, so to speak, the ceremony of baptising the cock, which stands at its peak, was solemnly gone through. A councillor undertook this office and the cock received its baptism - in champagne!

The history of the pole is veiled in antiquity. When the 'Loyal' party erected a Pole on February 1, 1793, to 'overawe the Jacobins', it but took the place of one that had stood there from time immemorial. In all probability the first pole was the village maypole.

The Loyalists' monument was blown down on October 7, 1849, and was replaced by a ship's mainmast on August 24, 1889, and on that occasion the famous cock - which stands 2ft. 9in. high, and measures 2ft. - was kept crowing all day, having been primed by current from an electric wire.

The Pole will be unveiled on August 23, when a carnival is to be held, in honour of the event.

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