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'What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
- Only the monstrous anger of the guns.'

from 'Anthem for Doomed Youth' by Wilfred Owen

1914 - 1918

From the National Archives: Unit War Diaries of the British Army 1914 - 1922

"These records are the unit war diaries of the British Army in the First World War. They are not personal diaries (try the Imperial War Museum for those). They are part of a large series of records, WO 95, which contains many more diaries scheduled for digitisation. We are now conserving, sorting, digitising and itemising thousands more diaries from the WO 95 series as part of our First World War 100 programme."
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1st NOVEMBER 1916 - 30th NOVEMBER 1916 ... File WO 95_1646_2-2

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NOVEMBER 1916 ... File WO-95_1663_2

WO WO-95-1646-2_2
1st NOVEMBER - 30th NOVEMBER 1916

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Volume XIII
November 1916

X 11 a Map ALBERT Combined Sheet, 1st Nov. 10pm
Weather - Fine. Wind light westerly. Shower in evening.
Working Parties: -
A Company : Cleared 200 yards of trench (COLT TRENCH). Dug 4 new Sump holes and completed 4 others. 75 other ranks 4 hours work.
B Company : Draining and clearing COLT AVENUE. 80 other ranks 6 hours.
C Company : Cleared 10th STREET and dug Sump holes. 80 other ranks 6 hours.
D Company : Cleared 10th STREET and dug Sump holes. 93 other ranks 6 hours.
Casualties: Killed - Nil; Wounded - Officers nil, other ranks 2.
Map ref. K11 - M23

X 11 a Map ALBERT Combined Sheet, 2nd Nov. 10pm
Weather - Rain. Dull. Wind S.W.
Working Parties :-
A Company : Worked 5pm to 11:30pm. Cleared 10th Street and layed trench boards. 40 men constructed dugout.
B Company & D Company : Worked 7:15pm to 11:30pm :
30 men cleared COLT AVENUE
24 men erected bridges over trenches.
23 men erected O.P. near COLT AVENUE.
5 men working on AID POST
28 men carrying material.
C Company : 25 men worked 4 hours on ammunition dump.
Casualties : Officers nil. Other ranks 3 wounded.


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X 11 a, 3rd Nov. 10pm
Weather - Wind light, S.E. Fine. Slight rain at night.
Work: -
Companies rested except a party of 25 of C. Coy working on an ammunition dump and 32nd Div. HQ.
B company was attached to 32nd Div. HQ. from the 3rd inst. inclusive.
Casualties :- nil
Commission: -  No. 14331 L/c A. Smith proceeded to England for commission in T.F. Lancs. Fusiliers.
App. 1

X 11 a, 4th Nov. 10pm
Weather -Fine during day. Rain at night. Wind S.E. fresh.
Work :-
A Company rested
B and D Coys. : Supplied 150 men for draining and trench boarding 10th STREET.
C Company : Supplied :
25 men at 32nd Div. HQ. erecting huts.
20 men at POZIERES Dump
20 men at Dump (S.A.A.) at X 34
20 men at Dump (S.A.A.) at R 32 b. 8.8.
Casualties - Nil


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X 11 a, 5th Nov. 10pm
Weather - Cold but fine. Wind strong S.E. Ground much drier.
Work : -
A Company : 40 men laying trench boards DEATH VALLEY.
B Company : 30 men cleaned CLIFF ST. & communication trench.
C Company : As on the 4th Nov.
D Company : Rested.
Casualties : Officers nil; Other ranks 3 slightly wounded.

X 11 a, 6th Nov. 10pm
Weather - Wind strong westerly. Rain and cold.
Work :-
A Company : 24 men worked on cleaning trench & digging dumps; 74 men to build breastworks - no work done owing to shell fire.
B Company : Rested.
C Company : 85 men working on S.A.A. dumps under 32nd Div.
D Company : 100 men to build earthworks across valley & to clean up A trench. No work done owing to enemy barrage.
Casualties: Officers Nil; Other ranks Nil.


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X 11 a, 7th Nov. 10pm
Weather - Strong westerly wind; much rain.
Work : -
A Company : Rested
B Company : Left Camp at 5:30pm; cleared 100 yds. of trench and filled sandbags.
C Company : As previous day.
D Company : Cleared trench & 4' berm in DEATH VALLEY; built 80 yds. of sandbag wall.
Casualties: Officers Nil; Other ranks, 1 wounded.

X 11 a, 8th Nov. 10pm
Weather - West to south west wind; some rain.
Work :-
C Company finishing S.A.A. dumps; & 25 men erecting huts etc. at Divl. HQ.
Other Coys. rested.

X 11 a, 9th Nov. 10pm
Weather - Cold, wind bitter.
Work :- As previous day; in addition C Coy had 30 men on R.E. Dumps near AVELUY.
Casualties: Officers Nil; 1 O.R. wounded in camp by fragment of anti aircraft shell


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X 11 a, 10th Nov. 10pm
Weather - Light S.W. wind; warmer.
Work : -
C Coy. 25 men at Divl. HQ; also new S.A.A. dump.
15 ORs worked as carrying party 2 hrs. for Can. R.E. at COPSE Dump.
Other Coys. rested.

X 11 a, 11th Nov. 10pm
Weather - dull; light southerly wind.
Work : -
300 men paraded 5:30pm to dig new communication trench in square X. 14 d. & X 14 a. from old front line to captured position of REGINA trench;
returned to camp without doing any work owing hostile barrage.
C Coy : 25 men erecting huts at Divl. HQ; parties at new S.A.A. dump & (2) at R.E. dump near AVELUY
Casualties: Officers Nil; ORs, 1 wounded.


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X 11 a, 12th Nov. 10pm
Weather - Cold; Wind S.
Work : -
200 men paraded 5:30pm; dug new trench (see previous day), for 500 yds length + 4 - 5 ft. deep.
C Coy rested
Casualties: Officers Nil; ORs - 1 wounded (H.E. shell) & 2 wounded and remaining at duty (H.E. shell)

X 11 a, 13th Nov. 10pm
Weather - Dull; thick mist in morning; wind S.E. light.
Work : - C Coy:
80 men working on R.E. dump near AVELUY
15 men working on R.E. dump near MOUQUET FARM
15 men working on R.E. dump near POZIERES
Others Coys. rested.


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X 11 a, 14th Nov. 10pm
Weather - colder; wind light N. - N.E.
Work :-
1 Officer and 100 ORs (A Coy) reported at POZIERES DUMP at 5pm; remained there owing to non-arrival of R.E. officers & guides due to barrage of H.E. & gas shells; left dump at 7:30pm and returned to camp many men suffering from effects of gas.
C Coy : 1 officer and 100 ORs went to replace them; owing to misunderstanding failed to meet R.Es. & returned to camp. Set out again about 10:15pm; deepened new communication trench (see work for 12th) from 3' to about 5'; carried and fitted trench boards.
B & D Coys. Rested.
Casualties:- 1 officer & 20 ORs wounded & gassed; 2 Other ranks wounded; 1 Other rank wounded - shell shock . All remaining with unit.
App. 4


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X 11 a, 15th Nov. 10pm
Weather - Cold, ground drier. Wind N. - N.E.
Work: -
C Coy :- 1 officer, 50 ORs carried and laid 516x corduroy back from DESTREMONT FARM - COLT AV.;
1 officer , 30 ORs finished laying trench boards in new communication trench (MANCHEWTER AV.)
D Coy : - 1 officer, & 60 ORs out 7 hours; no work done owing to the moon & there being no vobering party out.
Casualties - Nil

X 11 a, 16th Nov. 10pm
Weather - Cold but clear. Slight frost.
Work : -
1 Officer & 120 ORs (80 A Coy.; 40 C Coy.) paraded 4pm to dig forward sap from new front line; after remaining for 1/2 [half] hr. under very heavy M.G. & shell fire, returned, work not completed. The party was also bombed from a hostile sap.
1 Officer & 30 ORs (C Coy) carrying and laying 300 yds. (circ) of corduroy on mule track; work suspended for 1 hour owing to M.G. & shell fire.
Casualties : 1 O.R. wounded (H.E.); wounded and remaining with unit - 1 officer, 50 ORs.
App. 5


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THIEPVAL WOOD, 17th Nov. 10pm
Weather - Bright & clear; frosty.
Move:- The Battalion (less Transport & Band) moved to dugouts at the S. end of THIEPVAL WOOD; operation order attached.
Work :-
A Coy. 250 ORs; B Coy. 1 officer & 100 ORs; C Coy. 1 officer & 25 ORs and D Coy. 1 Officer & 93 ORs all left camp at 5:00pm, worked 8:15pm - 12 midnight; arrived back 1:15am. Work done 500 yds. of 6ft. cable trench.
Casualties : Nil
App. 5

THIEPVAL WOOD, 18th Nov. 10pm
Weather - Milder; some rain.
Work: -
A Coy : - Left camp 4:45pm; reported to 56th Bds. HQ; carried 30 boxes of bombs to near front line; cleared latter and put in fire steps for 90th; returned at 2:10am.
C Coy: -Left camp 4:45pm; 1 pltn. dug strong point at R.8.d.4.4; 3 pltns. dug out trench R.8.d.3.2 1/2 [half] to R.8.d.2 1/2[half]. 01/2[half];
carried up 60 boxes of bombs & T.M. amm.

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B & D Companies : - Left camp 5:00pm & reported to 57th Bds. HQ; guides from there did not know the way, & owing to darkness & the rough & cut up nature of the ground the work was not done; returned to camp about 2am.
Casualties : Officers Nil - ORs 1 wounded.
Message of appreciation received from G.O.C. 4th Canadian Divn.
App. 7

THIEPVAL WOOD, 19th Nov., 10pm
Weather : Milder; some rain.
Work :-
A Coy, 87 ORs; B Coy. 102 ORs; C Coy, 116 ORs and D Coy 83 ORs all left camp 3:00pm; returned between 2:15am & 5:00am. work done digging new fire trench with 4 strong points from about R.14.A.1.7. to about R.14.c.5.0.
Casualties - Nil
Prisoners : - 2 prisoners were taken by the working party; 1 wounded & 1 unwounded.


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THIEPVAL WOOD, 20th Nov., 10pm
Weather : Fine; ground very muddy.
Work : -
1 Off. & 100 ORs (25 per Coy.) left camp 4pm, returned 1:15am; work done - new trench (see previous day) deepened & improved.
1 Off & 50 ORs (A Coy) carried 100 trench mats from about 400 yds S of St. PIERRE DIVISION to new communication trench & placed them in position.
2 officers & 150 ORs (B, C & D) carried 75 trench boards, deepened 750 yds. of new communication trench, from about 3 ft. to about 5ft. 6 inches; put in 7 traverses.
Casualties: Officers : 1 wounded, remaining with unit, other ranks 2 wounded.

THIEPVAL WOOD, 21st Nov., 10pm
Weather : Thick mist in morning clearing later; damp & muddy.
Work : - Rested.

THIEPVAL WOOD, 22nd Nov., 10pm
Weather : Thick mist in morning; warm & clear later.
Move: - Bn. moved to tents & bivouacs in MAILLY WOOD WEST; operation order attached.
Casualties: ORs 2 wounded & 1 remaining at duty.
App. 8


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MAILLY WOOD W., P.17.b., 23rd Nov., 10pm
Weather : Clear & cold.
Work : Cleaning Camp etc.
Casualties - Nil

MAILLY WOOD W., P.17.b., 24th Nov., 10pm
Weather : White frost; some rain later.
Work : Coys. rested; Commanding Officer inspected the Bn.
Casualties - Nil

MAILLY WOOD W., P.17.b., 25th Nov., 10pm
Weather : Heavy & continuous rain.
Work : - some drains dug in camp.
Casualties - Nil

MAILLY WOOD W., P.17.b., 26th Nov., 10pm
Weather : Fine; very wet under foot.
Work: - Coys. rested.
Casualties : Nil


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MAILLY WOOD W., P.17.b., 27th Nov., 10pm
Weather : Damp & cold; no wind.
Work: -
A Coy:- 120 all ranks worked 4 1/4[quarter] hrs. clearing & dredging 6TH AV. for 200 yds; 2 pumps worked, 4 frames made and fitted with expanded metal; returned to camp about 3:30pm.
B Coy:- 125 other ranks worked 5 hours carrying & laying trench boards; clearing 150 yds. of WALKER AV.
C & D Coy. rested.
12 men worked on horse standings in camp.
Casualties: A Coy: 6 ORs wounded (H.E. shrapnel) 1 OR accidentally wounded.

MAILLY WOOD W., P.17.b., 28th Nov., 10pm
Weather : Damp & cold; no wind.
A Coy : - 45 men worked 4 1/2[half] hrs carrying party for R.Es.
1 officer & 58 men worked 4 1/2[half] hrs clearing SIXTH AV.; 1/2[half] frames put in.
B Coy : - Rested.
C Coy :- 2 officers & 125 ORs cleared, widened & deepened WALKER AV.; 100 yds trench mats relaid.
D Coy :- 2 officers & 113 ORs went out for night work; came under heavy bombardment of gas shells; 11 men detained at F.A.; remainder ordered back to camp, all more or less affected by gas.


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MAILLY WOOD W., P.17.b., 29th Nov., 10pm
Weather : Slight frost; thick mist in morning; no wind.
B Coy :- 2 officers & 19 ORs worked 5 1/4[quarter] hrs; completed clearing WALKER AV. & laid trench mats along whole length.
D Coy :- Rested.
A & C Coy :- 4 officers & 223 ORs worked 2 3/4[3 quarters] hrs. (night); dug 410y new traversed fire trench, average depth 3' - 3'6"
Casualties - Nil
Message of appreciation received from GOC 19th Divn.

MAILLY WOOD W., P.17.b., 30th Nov., 10pm
Weather : as 29th
A Coy :- Rested
D Coy :- 2 officers & 93 OR worked 6 hours clearing, deepening & relaying trench mats in LEAVE AV.
B & C Coy :- worked 4 1/4[quarter] hrs. (night); 4 officers & 231 OR; fire steps made, trench deepened, 2 new sections dug (of new front line).
Casualties: O.R. - 1 killed, 2 wounded (by snipers)

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MAILLY WOOD W., P.17.b., 30th Nov., 10pm
Honours : - The following N.C.Os. & men were awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the field:
14249 Sergt. Howarth, E.
14595 L/c (A. Cpl.) O'Neill, J.
14239 Sergt. Taylor, J.
14034 L.Sgt. Lambert, W.
14047 L/c Bird, J.
14706 L/c Turner, T.
14729 Pte. Humphrey, J., D.C.M.
14719 Pte. Taylor, H.
14804 Pte. Hudson, G.
15238 Pte. Haslam, S.


1st NOVEMBER - 30th NOVEMBER 1916

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Copy No. 7
Appendix 1
3rd November 1916

1. In continuation of 24th Bn. The Manchester Regt., Operation Order No. 3, of 31st October, 1916, in the attack against PYS the objective of the 4th Canadian Division and the 96th Brigade will be approximately the line running from M. 9. a. 63 - M. 2. d. 35 - G. 31. d. 5.1.

2. The 14th Brigade, detailed to attack IRLES, will advance at the same time as the 96th Brigade and will take up a line from about M. 1. b. 85.85. through trench running N.W. from L. 36. d. 5.4 to connect with the right of the 18th Division at L. 35. b. 44 and will halt for 30 minutes on this line before continuing its advance.

3. The dividing line between 4th Canadian Division and 32nd Division will be the road running M. 13. b. 1.0 - M. 7. d. 75.70 - Cross Roads M. 2. d. 65.80 (inclusive to 4th Canadian Division).

Issued at 11:30am
Copy No:
1. C.C.
2. O.C. 'A' Coy
3. O.C. 'B' Coy
4. O.C. 'C' Coy
5. O.C. 'D' Coy
6. Quartermaster
7. War Diary
8. War Diary


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Copy No. 7
Appendix 2
6th November 1916

1. During Operations 'C' Company will draw rations from the 14th Infantry Brigade and 'A' Company from the 96th Infantry Brigade.

2. Battalion H.Q. will be at the 32nd Divisional H.Q.

Issued at 3:15 pm

Copy No:
1. O.C. 'A' Company
2. O.C. 'B' Company
3. O.C. 'C' Company
4. O.C. 'D' Company
5. Quartermaster
6. War Diary
7. War Diary

G.B. DEMPSEY. Lieut. and Adjutant.


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Appendix 3
Copy No. 3
7th November 1916

1. During the attack 1 Section 218th Coy. R.E. and 'A' Company 24th Battalion Manchester Regiment (Pioneers) will be in the Ravine in R. 17. s.

2. The order of march of the 96th Brigade Group from K. 9. c. to R. 28. c. will
be as follows:-
2nd R. Innis. Fus.
16th Lanc. Fus.
16th North'd. Fus.
15th Lanc. Fus.
96th M.G. Coy.
1 Section 218th Fd. Coy. R.E.
'A' Coy. 24th Manchester Regt. (Pioneers)

3. Brigade HQ and Report Centre will be as follows :-
(a) When Brigade is in position in bivouac -
Bde. HQ and Report Centre about X. 9. c.
(b) When Brigade is in position of readiness:-
Bde. HQ and Report Centre about R. 28. c.
(c) When Brigade is in position of assembly:-
Bde. HQ and Report Centre about R. 11. c.

Issued at 3:50pm
Copy No:
1. Commanding Officer
2. C,C, 'A' Company'
3 & 4 War Diary.

A. St. G. WALSH. 2/Lieut. and Acting Adjutant


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Appendix 4
Copy No. 7
14th Novr. 1916

Operation Orders Nos. 3,4,5, and 6 are cancelled.

Issued at 11:30am

Copy No:-
1. Commanding Officer
2. C.C. 'A' Coy.
3. C.C. 'B' Coy.
4. C.C. 'C' Coy.
5. C.C. 'D' Coy.
6. Transport Officer & Quartermaster
7 & 8 War Diary

A. St. G. WALSH. Lieut. and Acting Adjutant


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Appendix 5
Copy No. 8
16th November 1916

REFERENCE - FRANCE 57 D. S.E., 1/20,000

1. The Battalion will move tomorrow (17th November) to THIEPVAL WOOD.

(a) Reveille 6:30am
(b) Breakfast 7:00am
(c) Field Kitchens, Tools, Blankets and Officers Mess Baskets to be ready by 8:30am
(d) Battalion to move at 9:30am

3. DRESS:- Marching order. Steel helmets will be worn.

4. ROUTE:- Valley to BAILIFF WOOD, LA BOISELLE, Cross Roads W. 18. b. Central, AVELUY WUARRY, AUTHUILLE.

5. ORDER OF MARCH:- H.W., 'C' Company, 'D', 'A', 'B', An interval of 100 yards between half companies.

6. Lewis Gunners will join the Transport at F. 24. b. leaving the Camp at 8:30am.

7. Orders of movement of Transport will be issued separately.

8. 2/Lieut. Braine will proceed to take over new Camp at 9:00am.

Issued at 11:30am [indistinct; possibly pm]

Copy No:
1. Commanding Officer.
2. O.C. 'A' Coy.
3. O.C. 'B' Coy.
4. O.C. 'C' Coy.
5. O.C. 'D' Coy.
6. Quartermaster & Transport Officer
7. Lewis Gun Officer.
8 & 9 War Diary
10. 2nd in Command

A. St. G. WALSH. 2/Lieut. and Acting Adjutant.


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Copy No. 7
Appendix 6
17th November 1916

1. The Battalion will be attached to the 19th Division for Operations tomorrow (18th Inst.)

2. WORK: To dig a switch line from about R. 13 b. 9.8. to about R. 14. b. 5 1/2[half].3 1/2.[half ].

3. DRESS: Fighting order, less greatcoats, as detailed in previous preliminary instructions.

4. TOOLS: Each man to carry a shovel, and every alternate man a pick in addition.

5. The Battalion will be ready to move at half an hours notice after 9:15am.

6. Captain Wall with two runners will report to G.O.C., 57th Brigade at R. 26. b. 3.3 by 9:00am tomorrow as Liaison Officer between 57th Brigade and the Battalion and to reconnoitre the position of the new trench when G.O.C.. 57th Brigade considers the situation admits of reconnaissance.

7. Two Lewis Guns with magazines will be attached to each Company.

Issued at 11:15pm

Copy No:
1. C.O.
2. 2nd in Command
3. O.C. 'A' Coy.
4. O.C. 'B' Coy
5. O.C. 'C' Coy
6. O.C. 'D' Coy
7 & 8 War Diary

A. St. G. WALSH. 2/Lieut. & A/Adjutant


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Appendix 7

The following message has been received from the G.O.C., 4th Canadian
Division : -

4th Canadian Division

Major Chadwick,
C.C., 24th Battalion
Manchester Pioneer Regt.
Dear Major Chadwick,
I wish to express to you my regret that your Battalion is today leaving this Division, and I take this opportunity of conveying to you and all ranks of your Unit my appreciation of the excellent work done while attached to us.

The thoroughness and keenness with which your work has been consistently carried on has been brought to my attention, and I would particularly thank you for the capable way in which you met the situation on the night of the 14th instant, when with a party of the 10th Field Company Canadian Engineers, your party was gassed near Pozieres.
Yours very sincerely,
(signed) D. WATSON Major-General
Commanding 4th Canadian Division.

The following reply has been despatched:-

G.O.C., 4th Canadian Division
I wish to thank you for your kind letter of appreciation of the work of the 24th Manchester Regiment while attached to your Division.

I[t] has been a great pleasure to work with your Engineers who consistently showed the greatest consideration for us, and the regret at the separation is mutual.

I have the honour to be, Sir,
Your obedient servant,
(signed] J.W. CHADWICK, Major,
18-11-16 Commanding 24th Bn. The Manchester Regiment.


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Copy No. 8
Appendix 8
21st November 1916
REFERENCE, FRANCE 57 D. S.E. 1/20,000 or 57 D. 1/40,000

1. The Battalion will move tomorrow (22nd Nov.) to P. 17. b.

2. TIMETABLE :- Reveille 5:30am. Breakfast 6:00am.
Sick parade 6:30am
Blankets will be carried to Motor Lorry at Q. 36. c. 7.6. by 700:am
Officers valises and Mess baskets to be stacked by sentry box at 8:00am
Field Kitchens to be ready to move at 8:00am.
Move off at 9:00am

3. ORDER OF MARCH: Headquarters, 'D' Coy, 'A' Coy, 'B' Coy, and 'C' Coy.
200 yards interval between Companies.

4. ROUTE:- Road to Q. 36. c. 5.2., Cross the ANCRE at MILL (Q. 36. c. 1.6.) MESNIL, Q. 22. b. 38., ENGLEBELMER, P. 24. c. 20.95,
P. 17. b. Central.

5. DRESS:- Marching order. Shrapnel helmets will be worn.

6. O.C. 'C' Coy. will detail an Officer to march in rear of the column and collect stragglers.

7. Attention is called to the 7th Divisional March Orders dated 13-11-16, which must be strictly complied with.

Issued at 6:00pm

Copy No:
1. Comdg. Officer.
2. 2nd in Command
3. O.C. 'A' Coy.
4. O.C. 'B' Coy.
5. O.C. 'C' Coy.
6. O.C. 'D' Coy.
7. Q.M. & Transport Officer.
8. & 9. War Diary
(signed) A. St. G. WALSH. 2/Lieut. and Acting Adjutant.


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Appendix 9
19th Division, No. 221
Headquarters, 4th Canadian Division.
November 23 1916

Will you convey my thanks to the 24th Bn. Manchester Regiment (Pioneers) for the excellent work they did during the few days that they were attached to the 19th Division, especially in the construction of the new line on the night of the 19/20th instant west of GRANDCOURT.

This line was 800 yards long, with three Strong Points, and was finished in a night in close proximity to the enemy and I regard this as a fine bit of pioneering.

(Signed) H. Bridge.
Commanding 19th Division.

24th Manchester Regt.

The G.O.C. has read this with much pleasure.

(Signed) W. Wingfield .
A.A. & Q.[? 2nd letter unreadable] 7th Division


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