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'Oldham Stories'

     'Oldham Stories'
by Mary Dickinson

The Cloggers

When we were very small we all wore clogs. They had thick wooden soles with irons nailed to the bottom. When these irons wore out they had to be taken to the Clogger's to have new ones fitted. Because we were a big family, we used to visit the Clogger's every week as one of us always seemed to need new irons.

One shop was called Wood's and when we went we would sit around with our friends reading the comics provided for us. Mrs. Wood used to let us use the little lift. We would put our clogs on the lift and shout down what we wanted. Then we would wind the lift down and wait for our clogs to be mended. We were never in a hurry because we could play and sing with all our friends. We used to play first and last letter with all the posters hanging on the walls.

Even as I write about it I can imagine the smell of leather and buming wax.

Perhaps the next time we would go to Snape's, another Clogger's, because they had different comics. We would all sit around and the boys would tease us, but I think the big attraction was a boy about our age who was the apprentice. I think all the girls had a crush on him.

When I look back I think of all the happy hours we had just going to the Chippy or the Clogger's. It didn't cost us anything, but I don't think it would amuse the children of today.

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