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'Oldham Stories'

     'Oldham Stories'
by Mary Dickinson


When I was young People didn't own their own cameras so we had to go somewhere to have our photographs taken. I went to a man called Perigo. He took the photographs in his house and his camera was like a big box on a pedestal. After he had put us in position he would disappear under a large black cloth. We hadn't to move then till he had finished. The photographs were usually very good.

leslie dickinson

Later on more photographers set up in business. Von-Raltys was on Yorkshire St. He used to take pictures of sweethearts for soldiers during the war. He would sit the girls by the firelight or on a new moon. Then we had Brierley's and Arthur's studios.

In the mill we girls would have a 3d a week club. We would pick a number and when our turn came round we could have our photograph taken.

It cost about three shillings for twelve pictures. They were made to last and printed on thick cardboard with the photographer's name and address in gold on the back.

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