Oldham Historical Research Group



Have you got a story to tell or memories from years gone by?
If you have memories of work or home, school or leisure; sad or happy happenings;
about your streeets or town; in fact, anything that you can remember, about Oldham and the district,
we would love to share them.

Look at those in the menu below to get ideas. They can be: long or short; illustrated or not; your own memories or family stories handed down.
Send them to us at the email address, and mark them for, 'Memories & Stories'

Each will be credited to the author.
(Unfortunately, we must reserve the right to leave out any contributions that we feel are not appropriate in any way).

Subject / Title
Tom Seville
More Memories of Coldhurst - an 'Open Letter' ... LINK
Norma & Brian Eaton
Family stories:
Mary Ellen Oliver ... LINK
Charlie Eaton - before 1914... LINK
Charlie Eaton - the war years ... LINK
Clifford Eaton (footballer) ... LINK
Sutton & Keary lives ... LINK
Collected together by her daughter, and published by her grandson.
30 chapters from 'Oldham Stories' -
The memories of Mary Dickinson, 1906 - 1992 ... LINK
Aelred Taylor
From 'Rivington View' ... LINK
Ray Oliver
The 'Tippler Lavatories' and the terror ... LINK
Ray Oliver
Memories of Clarksfield and the Christmas 1944 bombing
& a little more about the V1 and V2 bombs themselves ... LINK
Sheila Goodyear
The Wrigley Head Wesleyan Chapel - Commemorative Plaque written by Flossie Goodyear ... LINK
Sheila Goodyear
The Failsworth Wesleyan Day School written by Flossie Goodyear ... LINK
Sheila Goodyear
'Falsworth View' - and the Bag of Gold written by Flossie Goodyear ... LINK


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