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Memories & Family History




















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From Archives




The Diaries of William Rowbottom, from 1787 to 1830,
handloom weaver of Burnley Lane, Chadderton.
Serialised in the Oldham Standard, weekly from January 1887 to March 1889;
edited and annotated by Samuel Andrew.
* Historical Overview & Introduction
* Extracts from the 'Manchester Historical Recorder' for the years 1744 to 1832
* Glossary of terms
* Samuel Andrew (to be added)






* 1617 to 1891 - map thumbnails
Same location, in Chadderton, on 4 maps






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Miscellany & Reading





* Photograph & selected pages scanned from Minute Book
Oldham Celebrate Coronations : Queen Victoria, Edward VI & George V


Street index for 24 of the Alan Godfrey Maps in the Greater Manchester area.
Map Scale 1:25000
Each map is split into a 10 section grid, using the folds, for locating entries.




* Gallery page - collection of photographs
contributed by Alex Balmforth
(also linked from Members' Own Pages)


Photos from the Collection of John Holmes
(also linked from the Members' Own Pages)




Reading :
Books read, browsed & enjoyed :
Links to:
* Book transcriptions to read on this website (other transcriptions are found in more relevant sections, for eg. the War Diaries are in the WW1 section of the website):
* Books to buy or borrow from a library;
* Links to books to read or download freely from the 'Internet Archive'.
A selection from the 22 million (and counting!)
Mainly from 19h century or very early 20th
* Historical Sketches of Oldham by Edwin Butterworth Pub. posthumously in 1856
* 'The Oldham Battalion of Comrades' 24th Battalion Manchester Regiment.
* Samuel Collins - The Bard of Hale Moss. 1802 - 1878 ... Reformer at Peterloo, Chartist & Poet (on the Peterloo companion website)
* William Rowbottom's Diary & his times: 1787 - 1830
* NOTES & OBSERVATIONS, Critical & Explanatory, on the Papers Relative to the Internal State of the Country, Recently Presented to Parliament; Dec. 1819
(on the Peterloo companion website)
* The Story of Peterlooby F.A. Bruton,pub. 1919
(on the Peterloo companion website)
* LANCASHIRE - Brief Historical and Descriptive Notes by Leo H. Grindon Pub. 1892 (4 chapters)
* Chapter 3: The Cotton District & the Manufacture of Cotton.
* Chapter 4 : Manchester
* Chapter 5 : Miscellaneous Industrial Occupations
* Chapter 6 : Peculiarities of Character, Dialect and Pastime
* Lancashire Writers & Dialect in Poetry and Prose ... Some examples
* 'Short Stories About Failsworth Folk'
by Sim Schofield, 1905
Pages concerning Radicals & Reformers.
(on the Peterloo companion website)
* 'An Old Failsworth Radical - John Moores'
* Story of Another Old Reformer - 'Old Bellfield'
* Protection Days & Thomas Parkinson
* OLDHAM CENTENARY : 1849 - 1949 ...On-going Project to transcribe Chapters.
Chapters :
* 'Education Department' (part)
* 'Public Assistance'
* 'The Story of the Ancient Parochial Chapelry of St Mary's, Oldham' by George Perry-Gore, Vicar of St Mary's, Oldham Pub. 1906


... list of clergy connected with St Mary's, Oldham and the Mother Church of Prestwich, from 1202 untill 1892.
Memories & Family History
* Joseph Travis, Grocer, of Oldham" ..
* Wykeham Henry Koba Freame, DCM ... an ANZAC in the family (Link is to my other website ... opens in new page)
* Edward Garside Whitehead and WW1
(In Members' & Visitor's Pages ... opens in new page)
* Chadderton Ladies Group
* Old Buckley & Prockter store at Mumps
George Henry Hughes - Oldham cycle Store on Manchester Road


'Oldham Stories'
The memories of Mary Jane Dickinson


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News & Information [What's On]
* Programme
* Miscellaneous news items






NEWS and updates
Current annual programme for






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Contributions from Alex Balmforth
Contributions from Sheila Goodyear
* A Gartside Sent to Van Diemen's Land - "Man's Inhumanity to Man" Edwin Gartside transported in 1833.
* WW1 ... the Home Front : War Comforts & Fund Raising
Failsworth and Woodhouses War Comforts Society.
(Also listed in WW1 project on Menu Page)
* The Naval Sea Battle of Jutland, 31st May to 1st June 1916
(Also listed in WW1 project on Menu Page)
Edward Garside Whitehead
Grenadiers Guards/Machine-Gun Guards
KinA at 3rd Ypres - story told mainly from transcripts of 'The Grenadier Guards in the Great War of 1914-1918' by Sir Frederick Ponsonby, and extracts from the War Diaries.
Oldham Men at The Battle of 3rd Ypres -Passchendaele Narrative and Slides from the August 2017 Talk at Oldham-HRG
(Also listed in WW1 project on Menu Page)
'The Great War -
How it Touched Lives in Oldham'
(Part1) Narrative and Slides from the August 2014 Talk at Oldham-HRG (also indexed in WW1 'Mixed Bag' Pages)
* ''The Great War -
How it Touched Lives in Oldham'
(Part 2) Narrative and Slides from the September 2014 Talk at Oldham-HRG (also indexed in WW1 'Mixed Bag' Pages
* 'A Steeplechase! Oldham 1790-1850 & the Steeple family
Contributions from Peter Cannon
* 'Mixed bag' is a collection of ephemera and website links.
Contributions from Stephen Darlington
Contributions from Jeremy Sutcliffe
* The Election of a Councillor, Coldhurst Ward, 1922'.
from an illustrated presentation given by Jeremy Sutcliffe
* The Emergence of Oldham Labour Group 1910 - 1930
* OLDHAM CENTENARY : 1849 - 1949
On-going Project to transcribe Chapters.
Websites that have caught my interest
* JOHN KNIGHT and a window into radicalism in late 18thC & early 19thC radicalism in Oldham
by Jeremey Sutcliffe
Contributions from Irene Beever
Contributions from John Beever
Contributions from John Holmes
* Photos from the Collection of John Holmes
(also linked from the Miscellany/Mixed Bag of Photos)
* Oldham
* Royton
* Failsworth
* Other
Contributions from Mark Beswick
Contributions from Charlotte Derbyshire
Contributions from Visitors
* The Development of the King's Highway Through the Village of Oldham from 1700 to 1800.
by Jack Dawson
* MARY HIGGS Student, pioneer, wife and mother, undercover tramp and social reformer,
by Carol Talbot
* An Oldham family Goes to Russia
Joseph Cottam & his family
by Alice Handley
* 'JOHN EARNSHAW of Oldham : Quaker, Surgeon, Reformer'
by Elizabeth Bailey.
Also from the Peterloo Menu HERE
  Links to Articles of Family & Local Interst on the Oldham & District Branch pages of the MLFHS website * Video Page HERE
* Pictorial Index HERE
*' Miscellany' HERE... assorted pdfs to read online or download.
* Snippets from the Monthly Oldham & District Newsletter HERE
* Ongoing Projects HERE

* Oldham Education Week - May 1925
A transcription of the 88 page handbook with 35 images and 5 tables.
* Lydia Becker 1827 -1890 ... 'Words of a Leader':
Being Extracts from the Writings of the late Miss Lydia Becker 1904d
* Lydia Becker 1827 -1890 ...'A Cameo Life-Sketch' by Marion Holmes, 1912
* St. Paul's Methodist Church, Rochdale Road, Shaw ... Burials, history, fundraising after WW1 and more.
* A Very Brief History of the Co-operative Movement; from the Rochdale Pioneers to the Present Day.(.pdf file)
* Oldham & District Mills
Data sets sorted in different ways to facillitate searches.
* Grotton Hall, Saddleworth & the Buckley Family
* Custom Roll and Rental of the Manor of Ashton-under-Lyne, November 11, 1422.
* Johannes Georg Wilhelm Gruban, a German Armaments Manufacturer in Oldham During World War One
by Dorothy Bintley
* Finding Early Burials in Oldham & District
by Rodney Melton
* The Court Leet Records of the Manor of Manchester'
'The Court Leet or View of Frank Pledge,15th October, 1819'

Reprinted from the 'Oldham Express' in 'Local Notes and Gleanings' by Giles Shaw,
* The Gallery Page
A collection of photos and pictures with links to our local district,
* WW1 in 1915 ... the GALLIPOLI CAMPAIGN in the DARDANELLES.
The 1st/10th Bat. of the Manchester Regiment, the Oldham Territorials
* The 16th(S) Battalion, Manchester Regiment, in the Second Battle of the Somme, at Manchester Hill, 21st March,1918,

Courtesy of Craig Albiston,  Houston, Texas
Courtesy of Eileen (Mills) Taylor & Sylvia (Mills) Cornell
Transcription of chapter, 22 pages, extracted from :
'History of the County Palatine of Lancaster'
by Edward Baines, Esq. M.P.
Vol. II. Pub. 1836
* Transcript from : 'The Annals of Manchester'
ed. William E.A. Axon, Pub. 1886
with: Link to .pdf List of Manchester Borough Reeves from 1552 - 1846
with: List of Mayors of Manchester
* Thrice Married Elisabeth Rose ... and The Will
Courtesy of Calderdale FHS,
© David Johnson 2020 CFHS 2021

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Link to Companion website, dedicated to Peterloo, from Peterloo Menu page on this website


Before ... on the Day... Aftermath
Transcript and Images from talk at Oldham HRG Meeting August 2016. In Two Parts.


* Oldham Chronicle February 20th 1885 " ... an interesting lecture last evening, delivered in the Moorside Liberal Club, by Mr James Cooper. "
* A Night. with the Failsworth Veterans of Peterloo. in 1884..
from the Oldham chronicle
* Oldham Chronicle October 29th 1955 "'AFTER PETERLOO Dangerous to be known as a Reformer'
* 'JOHN EARNSHAW of Oldham : Quaker, Surgeon, Reformer'
by Elizabeth Bailey.
Also from the Members & Visitors Page HERE



* 2018 - news page
* 2016
* 2015
* Link to our dedicated sister-website for
all things Peterloo

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Manchester Hill - 1918
The 16th Manchesters at the Battle of Manchester Hill in 1918
* Illustrated narrative taken from the talk at the Local Studies & Archives in August 1917
* Gallery of IWM Photos of 3rd Ypres
* Names of local men, with regiments etc., who fell during the battle (over 400 names)
* Resources and links
* Arthur Winterbottom
A local CO - some of his story.
With additional photographs and information from a descendant.
* Local COs Names and links of over 170 local COs with information and links
* Glossary of useful terms and miscellaneuous facts with links to more detailed information.
Glossary more detailed information on some of the entries
* .
* Oldham Chronicle 8th July 1916
'The Conscientious Objector and War Work' Report of Oldham Tribunals
transcript of report
* The Peace Crusade in Oldham in 1917 that ended in a riot. (Also linked from 'Campaigning for Peace' pages)
* The 'Cocoa Petition' Wakefield Work Centre
* Examples - Documents for CO from two Middlesex Tribunals: one on religious grounds and one on political grounds.
* Conscientious Objectors And Perpetual Hard Labour
Shaw, G. Bernard
The Manchester Guardian, Aug 14th, 1918
* Typical charge sheets
* Construction of Llyn y Fan Fach Reservoir Completed by CO labour.
* External LINKS page
Finding more information from elsewhere
* Gallery of photos from the book and film launch in Manchester Central Library
The Peace Crusade in Oldham in 1917 that ended in a riot. (Also linked from 'Conscientious Objection' pages)
* Newspaper reports and Letters in Oldham after the riot in 1917
The Battle of Jutland - new pages to commemorate centernary.
* Transcript of 2 chapters from book on Sea Battles Pub. 1919
* British casualty list + local names & photos
* Map
* Newspaper : Local seaman's story 1.
* Newspaper : Local seaman's story 2
* Chronology of the Battle
Special Project -
Battle of the Somme 1916
* 1914 - Selection of news clippings
* 1915
* 1916
* 1917
* 1918 - A Different Casualty of War -
a Soldier's suicide.


Do We Know? Do We Need to Know? Do We Want to Know?
Random snippets of information that might be useful




Collection of miscellaneous items:
* Solders' Separation Allowances
* Map of British Battles on the Western Front from 8th Aug. to 11th Nov. 1918. With transcript of Battle Order Planning. Issued by War Office.
* WW1 Photographs and Postcards from
William Arthur Mercer's Collection.

Also linked from his 'Soldier's Known' page
* RAMC Badge
* RFC Badge
* 'The Great War - How it Touched Lives in Oldham' (Part2) (also indexed in Members' Pages)
* 'The Great War - How it Touched Lives in Oldham' (Part1) (also indexed in Members' Pages)
* Memorial Death Plaque
* Medal Card
* Recruitment Leaflet no. 10 - 'Just for a scrap of paper'     Front   &   Back  
* 1915 National Registration Card
* Sopwith Pup
* War Ribbons illus.
* Medical Transfer Certificate.
* Grave Marker
* Discharge Papers 1918
* Ambulance Train - 16 page booklet
* 'Active Serviceman' Testament


Alphabetical list of soldiers with links to further information about them



All Pages scanned for reading
(also linked from 'More Reading' : Transcriptions.)
'Oldham Terriers' - Their part in the War by Sgt. Maurice Bradbury, M.M.,
1/10th Battalion, Manchester Regiment.


Transcriptions of a series of articles published in the 'Oldham Standard' in Spring 1919.
Unit War Diaries from the National Archives - menu
(Transcription Project begun)
(i) 24th Battalion Manchester Rgt.(Comrades)
(ii) 1/10th Battalion Manchester Regt. (Terrotorials)


The Home Front
Individual items
& Collections
* Fundraising - 'Cafe Chantant & Sale' !916 & 1917
* Failsworth Ambulance 1915
* Fundraising - Garden Party' at Failsworth Lodge 1916
* Fundraising - 'Grand Auction Gift Sale' 1917
* Fundraising - 'Grand Bazaar'
* Letter - 'Lancashire County War Comforts Society'
* Certificate of Recognition to affiliated groups of voluntary workers - 1916
* Red Cross & Order of St. John - Certificate for honorary services
* Letter from the 'Enquiry Dept. for Wounded and Missing', regarding Pt. Albert Barlow, missing in Mesopotamia.
* Failsworth Wesleyan Group affiliated to 'The Failsworth and Woodhouses War Comforts Society' .
Handwritten, diary format 1914 - 1919.
(Selection of scanned pages)
* 'The Failsworth and Woodhouses War Comforts Society' Reports & Accounts:
* Report & Accounts for 14th September 1914 to 31st December 1914.
* Report & Accounts for 1st January 1915 to 30th September 1915
* Report & Accounts for 1st October 1915 to 30th September 1916
* Report & Accounts for 1st October 1916 to 30th September 1917
* Final Report & Accounts for 1st October 1917 to 31st December 1920
* President's final Report for Failsworth Wesleyan Group, 1918



Names of Servicemen buried in local cemeteries in Commonwealth War Graves Commission' maintained graves.
Names have links to their CWGC pages.





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